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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
S&M Electric Machines ISSN: 1001-8085 Safety ISSN: 1002-3631
Safety & EMC ISSN: 1005-9776 Safety & Health ISSN: 1671-4636
Safety & Health at Work ISSN: 1006-3935 Safety and Environmental Engineering ISSN: 1671-1556
Safety Health & Environment ISSN: 1672-7932 Safety in Coal Mines ISSN: 1003-496X
Salt Industry History Research ISSN: 1003-9864 san wen bai jia ISSN: 1003-6652
san wen shi :shang ban yue ISSN: 1004-7573 san wen tian di ISSN: 1004-7697
san wen xuan kan ISSN: 1003-272X san xia wen xue ISSN: 1003-1332
san xiang feng ji ISSN: 1008-2891 san yue feng ISSN: 1003-109X
san yue san .gu shi wang zhong wang ISSN: 1003-6458 Sanming Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:
Satellite & Network ISSN: 1672-965X Satellite TV & IP Multimedia ISSN: 1673-0348
School Garden of Chinese ISSN: 1007-628X School Garden of Chinese ISSN: 1007-628X
School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215 School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215
School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215 School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215
School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215 School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215
School Journal of Mathematics ISSN: 1003-2215 School Journal of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry(Junior High School Ed.) ISSN: 1003-2215
School Journal of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry(Junior High School Ed.) ISSN: 1003-2215 School Journal of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry(Junior High School Ed.) ISSN: 1003-2215
School Mathematics in Shanghai ISSN: 1672-7495 Science ISSN: 1002-1299
Science ISSN: 0368-6396 Science & Culture Review ISSN: 1672-6804
Science & Culture Science-Tech Waves ISSN: 1004-8200 Science & Technology and Economy ISSN: 1003-7691
Science & Technology Association Forum ISSN: 1007-3973 Science & Technology for Development ISSN: 1672-996X
Science & Technology in Chemical Industry ISSN: 1008-0511 Science & Technology Industry of China ISSN: 1002-0608
Science & Technology Industry Parks ISSN: 1671-4113 Science & Technology Information ISSN: 1672-3791
Science & Technology Information ISSN: 1001-9960 Science & Technology Information ISSN: 1001-9960
Science & Technology of Baotou Steel(Group) Corporation ISSN: 1007-8657 Science & Technology of Baotou Steel(Group) Corporation ISSN: 1009-5438
Science & Technology of Ports ISSN: 1673-6826 Science & Technology Plaza ISSN: 1006-2645
Science & Technology Progress and Policy ISSN: 1001-7348 Science & Technology Review ISSN: 1000-7857
Science and Atheism ISSN: 1008-9802 Science and Culture ISSN: 1000-3398
Science and Management ISSN: 1003-8256 Science and Technology for the Early Youth ISSN: 1671-3923
Science and technology in rural areas in Gansu ISSN: 1007-6182 Science and Technology Innovation Herald ISSN: 1673-0534
Science and Technology Management Research ISSN: 1000-7695 Science and Technology of Cereals,Oils and Foods ISSN: 1007-7561
Science and Technology of Datong Coal Mining Administration ISSN: 1000-4866 Science and Technology of Food Industry ISSN: 1002-0306
Science and Technology of Henan Communication ISSN: 1003-4633 Science and Technology of Overseas Building Materials ISSN: 1006-4575
Science and Technology of Qinghai Agriculture and Forestry ISSN: 1004-9967 Science and technology of Sichuan agriculture ISSN: 1004-1028
Science and technology of termites ISSN: 1001-1285 Science and Technology of Tianjin Agriculture and Forestry ISSN: 1002-0659
Science and Technology of West China ISSN: 1671-6396 Science Fiction ISSN: 1671-2188
Science Fiction World ISSN: 1003-7055 Science Focus ISSN: 1673-5668
Science Foundation in China ISSN: 1005-0841 Science in 24 Hours ISSN: 1002-7394
Science in China(Chemistry) ISSN: 1006-9291 Science in China(Earth Sciences) ISSN: 1006-9313
Science in China(Information Sciences) ISSN: 1009-2757 Science in China(Life Sciences) ISSN: 1006-9305
Science in China(Mathematics) ISSN: 1006-9283 Science in China(Physics Astronomy) ISSN: 1672-1799
Science in China(Series A) ISSN: 1006-9232 Science in China(Series B) ISSN: 1006-9240
Science in China(Series C) ISSN: 1006-9259 Science in China(Series D) ISSN: 1006-9267
Science in China(Series E) ISSN: 1006-9275 Science in China(Series G) ISSN: 1672-1780
Science in China(Technological Sciences) ISSN: 1006-9321 Science Initiation ISSN: 1007-3019
Science Instructor ISSN: 1003-384X Science Lesson ISSN: 1008-0031
Science Mosaic ISSN: 1671-4792 Science New Ground ISSN: 1671-0037
Science News ISSN: 1671-6582 Science of Law - Journal of Northwest University of Political Science and Law ISSN: 1671-6914
Science of Science and Management of S.&.T. ISSN: 1002-0241 Science of Sericulture ISSN: 0257-4799
Science of Soil and Water Conservation ISSN: 1672-3007 Science of Surveying and Mapping ISSN: 1009-2307
Science of Travel Medicine ISSN: 1006-7159 Science Pictorial ISSN: 1000-8292
Science Popularization ISSN: 1673-8357 Science Research Management ISSN: 1000-2995
Science Review for Children ISSN: 1672-836X Science Review for Juvenile ISSN: 1007-7200
Science Technology and Dialectics ISSN: 1003-5680 Science Technology and Engineering ISSN: 1671-1815
Science Technology and Industry ISSN: 1671-1807 Science Technology and Law ISSN: 1003-9945
Science Technology for China's Mass Media ISSN: 1671-0134 Science·Economy·Society ISSN: 1006-2815
Sciencepaper Online ISSN: 1673-7180 Sciences & Wealth ISSN: 1671-2226
Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology ISSN: 1005-1538 Sciences of Serong Physical ISSN: 1008-0295
Science-Technology and Management ISSN: 1008-7133 Science-Technology and Publication ISSN: 1005-0590
Science-Technology Enterprise ISSN: 1004-9207 Scientech Talent Market ISSN: 1006-5938
Scientia Agricultura Sinica ISSN: 0578-1752 Scientia Geographica Sinica ISSN: 1000-0690
Scientia Geologica Sinica ISSN: 1004-3543 Scientia Meteorologica Sinica ISSN: 1009-0827
Scientia Silvae Sinicae ISSN: 1001-7488 Scientific & Technical Information of Gansu ISSN: 1672-6375
Scientific and Technological Management of Land and Resources ISSN: 1009-4210 Scientific Chinese ISSN: 1005-3573
Scientific Consult ISSN: 1671-4822 Scientific Decision-Making ISSN: 1006-4885
Scientific Fish Farming ISSN: 1004-843X Scientific Management Research ISSN: 1004-115X
Scientific Socialism ISSN: 1002-1493 Sci-Tech Information Development & Economy ISSN: 1005-6033
Screen ISSN: 1673-5242 Screen Printing ISSN: 1002-4867
Screen Printing Industry ISSN: 1007-2160 Sculpture ISSN: 1007-2144
Secretary Work ISSN: 1003-9740 Secretary's Companion ISSN: 1004-3071
Securities Guide ISSN: 1009-1378 Securities Guide ISSN: 1007-8339
Securities Investment Weekly ISSN: 1003-4536 Securities Market Herald ISSN: 1005-1589
Security and Safety Technology Magazine ISSN: 1671-4237 Security Today ISSN: 1671-9298
Securltles & Futures of China ISSN: 1008-0651 Sedimentary Geology and Tethyan Geology ISSN: 1009-3850
Seed ISSN: 1001-4705 Seed Industry Guide ISSN: 1003-4749
Seed Scicence & Technology ISSN: 1005-2690 Seed World ISSN: 1000-8071
Seek Truth from Facts ISSN: 1003-4641 Seeker ISSN: 1001-490X
Seeking Truth ISSN: 1000-7504 Seismological and Geomagnetic Observation and Research ISSN: 1003-3246
Seismological Research of Northeast China ISSN: 1004-2865 Seismology and Geology ISSN: 0253-4967
Selectad Chinese Literature ISSN: 1004-9215 Selected Mini-Stories ISSN: 1005-3840
Selected Novels ISSN: 1672-9552 Selected Popular Literature ISSN: 1006-0197
Selected Readings of Folk Tales ISSN: 1003-255X Selected Works of Young Writers ISSN: 1671-0487
SELF STUDY GUIDE ISSN: 1003-5362 Self-Taught Test·Vocational Education·Adult Educat ISSN: 1002-3992
Semiconductor Information ISSN: 1001-5507 Semiconductor Optoelectronics ISSN: 1001-5868
Semiconductor Photonics and Technology ISSN: 1007-0206 Semiconductor Technology ISSN: 1003-353X
Senior Citizen Study and Life ISSN: 1009-2897 SENIOR TODAY ISSN: 1004-3322
Sensor World ISSN: 1006-883X Serves of Agricultural Technology ISSN: 1004-8421
Service economy ISSN: 1007-2721 Shaanxi Architecturel ISSN: 1552-7964
Shaanxi Archives ISSN: 1003-7268 Shaanxi Auto ISSN: 1671-7988
Shaanxi Electric Power ISSN: 1673-7598 Shaanxi Environment ISSN: 1006-8678
Shaanxi Forest Science and Technology ISSN: 1001-2117 SHAANXI JIAOYU ISSN: 1002-2058
Shaanxi Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 0488-5368 Shaanxi Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences ISSN: 1005-1716
Shaanxi Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1000-7369 Shaanxi Machinery ISSN: 1008-8342
Shaanxi Medical Journal ISSN: 1000-7377 Shaanxi Meitan ISSN: 1671-749X
Shaanxi Oncology Medicine ISSN: 1008-7001 Shaanxi Radio and TV University Journal ISSN: 1008-4649
Shaanxi Water Resources ISSN: 1673-9000 shan cha :ren wen di li za zhi ISSN: 1003-5575
shan dong can ye ISSN: shan dong gong shang xing zheng guan li ISSN: 1005-5533
shan dong lao dong bao zhang ISSN: 1004-6380 shan dong qi ye guan li ISSN: 1002-3577
shan dong shui li zhuan ke xue xiao xue bao ISSN: 1008-3049 shan hai jing :shang ban yue ISSN: 1002-6215
shan xi cheng ren jiao yu ISSN: 1004-6747 shan xi lao nian ISSN: 1007-8886
shan xi wen shi zi liao ISSN: 1004-5910 shan xi zheng bao ISSN: 1008-1992
shan xi zheng bao ISSN: 1003-9333 Shandong Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 1001-4942
Shandong Agriculture ISSN: 1004-6925 Shandong Archives ISSN: 1672-5204
Shandong Audit ISSN: 1002-3534 Shandong Building Materials ISSN: 1003-1324
Shandong Ceramics ISSN: 1005-0639 Shandong Chemical Industry ISSN: 1008-021X
Shandong Coal Science and Technology ISSN: 1005-2801 Shandong Economic Strategy Research ISSN: 1003-9589
Shandong Economy ISSN: 1000-971X Shandong Education ISSN: 1004-0897
Shandong Education Research ISSN: 1002-2937 Shandong Electric Power ISSN: 1007-9904
Shandong Electronics ISSN: 1002-7505 Shandong Environment ISSN: 1002-6088
Shandong Feedingstuff ISSN: 1007-1547 Shandong Fire ISSN: 1002-817X
Shandong Fisheries ISSN: 1001-151X Shandong Foreign Languages Teaching Journal ISSN: 1002-2643
Shandong Internal Combustion Engine ISSN: 1671-2471 SHANDONG JIAOTONG KEJI ISSN: NULL
Shandong Journal of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine ISSN: 1007-1733 Shandong Journal of Biomedical Engineering ISSN: 1006-4915
Shandong Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 0257-358X Shandong Justice ISSN: NULL
Shandong Library Quarterly ISSN: 1002-5197 Shandong Literature ISSN: 0257-5817
Shandong Mechanization of Agriculture ISSN: 1002-2414 Shandong Medical Journal ISSN: 1002-266X
Shandong Metallurgy ISSN: 1004-4620 Shandong Poultry ISSN: 1006-9755
Shandong Science ISSN: 1002-4026 Shandong Social Science ISSN: 1003-4145
Shandong Sports Science & Technology ISSN: 1009-9840 Shandong Textile Economy ISSN: 1673-0968
Shandong Textile Economy ISSN: 1673-0966 Shandong Textile Science & Technology ISSN: 1009-3028
Shandong Water Resources ISSN: 1009-6159 shang ISSN: 1006-0510
shang hai bai huo ISSN: 1007-3833 shang hai cheng shi fa zhan ISSN: 1009-2870
shang hai dian dong ISSN: 1005-6386 shang hai dui wai mao yi xue yuan xue bao ISSN: 1008-7184
shang hai gai ge ISSN: 1005-9105 shang hai gong shang ISSN: 1005-9318
shang hai gong yun ISSN: 1006-4842 shang hai gu shi ISSN: 1000-4831
shang hai lao dong bao zhang ISSN: 1007-5127 shang hai shen ji ISSN: 1004-9800
shang hai si liao ISSN: 1006-138X shang hai tan ISSN: 1005-9296
shang hai wen hua nian jian ISSN: 1006-1886 shang hai xiao shuo ISSN: 1004-7409
shang jie ling xiu ISSN: 1005-9644 shang ye ping lun ISSN: 1672-2582
Shangdong Communication Technology ISSN: NULL Shanghai & Hongkong Economy ISSN: 1005-3670
Shanghai Accounting ISSN: 1007-5135 Shanghai Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN: 1001-0106
Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry ISSN: 1002-0829 Shanghai Artist ISSN: 0257-5639
Shanghai Arts & Crafts ISSN: 1005-071X Shanghai Auto ISSN: 1007-4554
Shanghai Building Materials ISSN: 1006-1177 Shanghai Business ISSN: 1007-2845
Shanghai Business ISSN: 1004-7808 Shanghai Chemical Industry ISSN: 1004-017X
Shanghai Coatings ISSN: 1009-1696 Shanghai Computer Weekly ISSN: 1007-466X
Shanghai Construction Science & Technology ISSN: 1005-6637 SHANGHAI DAZHONGXING DIANJI ISSN: NULL
Shanghai Dyestuffs ISSN: 1008-1348 Shanghai Econmic Review ISSN: 1005-1309
Shanghai Economic Forum ISSN: 1005-2240 Shanghai Economy ISSN: 1000-4211
Shanghai Education ISSN: 1006-2068 Shanghai Electric Appliance Technology ISSN: 1001-1374
Shanghai Energy Conservation ISSN: NULL Shanghai Environmental Sciences ISSN: 1000-3975
Shanghai Environmental Sciences ISSN: 1000-3975 Shanghai Finance ISSN: 1006-1428
Shanghai Gas ISSN: 1009-4709 Shanghai Geology ISSN: 1004-230X
Shanghai Highways ISSN: 1007-0109 Shanghai Insurance ISSN: 1006-1320
Shanghai Investment ISSN: 1005-7552 Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion ISSN: 1005-0957
Shanghai Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine ISSN: 1000-7725 Shanghai Journal of Biomedical Engineering ISSN: 1006-1517
Shanghai Journal of Biomedical Engineering ISSN: 1674-1242 Shanghai Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences ISSN: 1001-2087
Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine ISSN: 1004-9231 Shanghai Journal of Stomatology ISSN: 1006-7248
Shanghai Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1007-1334 Shanghai Journal of Translators ISSN: 1672-9358
Shanghai Journal of Translators for Science and Te ISSN: 1000-6141 Shanghai Journalism Review ISSN: 1006-3277
Shanghai Labour Protection ISSN: 1006-382X Shanghai Light Industry ISSN: 1004-3772
Shanghai Literature ISSN: 1001-8026 Shanghai Machine Tool ISSN: 1005-782X
Shanghai Managent Science ISSN: 1005-9679 Shanghai Meassurement and Testing ISSN: 1673-2235
Shanghai Measurement and Testing ISSN: NULL Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Foreign Trade ISSN: 1006-8627
Shanghai Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal ISSN: 1006-1533 Shanghai Medical Imaging ISSN: 1008-617X
Shanghai Medical Journal ISSN: 0253-9934 Shanghai Metals ISSN: 1001-7208
Shanghai Nonferrous Metals ISSN: 1005-2046 Shanghai Nursing Journal ISSN: 1009-8399
Shanghai Packaging ISSN: 1005-9423 Shanghai Paper Making ISSN: NULL
Shanghai Philately ISSN: 1004-6321 Shanghai Plastics ISSN: 1009-5993
Shanghai Quality ISSN: 1400-7816 Shanghai Qualty ISSN: 1004-7816
Shanghai Railway Science & Technology ISSN: 1671-699X Shanghai Railway Science & Technology ISSN: 1673-7652
Shanghai Research On Education ISSN: 1007-2020 Shanghai Rural Economics ISSN: 1671-6485
Shanghai Seasoning ISSN: 1007-9521 Shanghai Shipbuilding ISSN: 1005-9962
Shanghai Standardization Monthly ISSN: 1672-7630 Shanghai Statistics ISSN: 1006-2726
Shanghai Studies on Ccphistory and Construction ISSN: 1009-928X Shanghai Style ISSN: 1000-8888
Shanghai Textile Science & Technology ISSN: 1001-2044 Shanghai Theatre ISSN: 0559-7277
Shanghai Today ISSN: 1007-2055 Shanghai Turbine ISSN: 1671-0851
Shanghai Urban Planning Review ISSN: NULL Shanghai Vegetables ISSN: 1002-1469
Shanghai Wave ISSN: 1005-8842 Shangqing ISSN: 1673-4041
Shanxi Agricultural Economy ISSN: 1004-7026 Shanxi Agriculture ISSN: 1006-9739
Shanxi Agriculture ISSN: 1006-9739 Shanxi Agriculture ISSN: 1006-9739
Shanxi Architecture ISSN: 1009-6825 Shanxi Chemical Industry ISSN: 1004-7050
Shanxi Clinical Medicine ISSN: 1006-8716 Shanxi Coal ISSN: 1672-5050
Shanxi Cooking Coal Science & Technology ISSN: 1672-0652 Shanxi Electric Power ISSN: 1671-0320
Shanxi Electronic Technology ISSN: NULL Shanxi Energy and Conservation ISSN: NULL
Shanxi Farm Machinery ISSN: 1004-2571 Shanxi Forestry Science and Technology ISSN: 1007-726X
Shanxi Fruits ISSN: 1005-345X Shanxi Hydrotechnics ISSN: 1006-8139
Shanxi Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1000-7156 Shanxi Library Journal ISSN: 1004-1680
Shanxi Literature ISSN: 0257-5906 Shanxi Medical Journal ISSN: 0253-9926
Shanxi Medical Journal ISSN: 0253-9926 Shanxi Metallurgy ISSN: 1672-1152
Shanxi Meteorological Quarterly ISSN: 1004-5732 ShanXi Mining Institute Learned Journal ISSN: 1000-1603
Shanxi Science & Technology of Communications ISSN: 1006-3528 Shanxi Science and Technology ISSN: 1004-6429
Shanxi Statistics ISSN: 1004-5988 Shanxi Today ISSN: 1007-9661
Shanxi Water Resources ISSN: 1004-7042 shao nian dian shi jie ISSN: 1006-1495
shao nian ke ji bo lan ISSN: 1008-6064 shao nian ti yu xun lian ISSN: 1007-1288
shao nian tian di (chu zhong ) ISSN: 1008-2875 shao nian yu fa ISSN: 1002-6843
shao nian yue kan ISSN: 1002-1760 SHAONIAN WENYI ISSN: 1004-0889
Sharing ISSN: 1002-7653 she hui guan cha (bei jing ) ISSN: 1684-5579
she hui zhu yi lun cong ISSN: 1009-7554 she shi zhi chu :shang ban yue ISSN: 1006-1916
she ying shi jie ISSN: 1002-6770 Shen Flower ISSN: 1008-8407
shen ji guan cha ISSN: 1009-8690 shen jian ISSN: 1004-4752
shen zhenqi che dao bao ISSN: 1671-5349 sheng chan ji shu yu gong yi guan li ISSN: 1003-0859
sheng chan lv xi tong ISSN: 1006-9445 sheng huo ·chuang zao ISSN: 1006-8562
sheng wu yi yao shi jie ISSN: 1607-5536 Shenzhen Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine ISSN: 1007-0893
Shenzhen Science & Technology ISSN: 1991-8712 Shenzhen Science & Technology ISSN: 1009-5985
Shenzhen Weekly ISSN: 1028-2165 shi chang yu fa zhan ISSN: 1006-3722
shi chang yu xiao fei ISSN: 1006-6551 shi ci yue kan ISSN: 1672-1462
shi dai feng ji ISSN: 1007-0710 shi dai gong shang ISSN: 1002-8099
shi dai qing nian :shang ban yue ISSN: 1003-3483 shi ji feng cai ISSN: 1005-6599
shi jie gui dao jiao tong ISSN: 1729-2174 shi jie hang kong hang tian bo lan :Bban ISSN: 1008-0996
shi jie hua wen wen xue ISSN: 1007-7944 shi jie jia qin ISSN: 1388-3119
shi jie shi ISSN: 1001-2648 shi jie yao pin xin xi ISSN: 1607-3037
shi jie zhong yi gu shang ke za zhi ISSN: 1523-5602 shi pin xin xi ISSN: 1005-4472
shi shi qiu shi :wei wen ban ISSN: 1002-9249 shi ti yan jiu :gao zhong wen li da zong he ISSN: 1003-2231
shi yu fei ISSN: 1002-4263 shi yue ISSN: 0257-5841
shi zhuang ISSN: 1002-4158 SHIDAI WENXUE ISSN: 1055-4677
Shihezi Science and Technology ISSN: 1008-0899 SHIJIAN(SIXIANG LILUN BAN) ISSN: 1004-0692
SHIJIE KEHUAN BOLAN ISSN: 1673-0011 Ship & Boat ISSN: 1001-9855
Ship & Ocean Engineering ISSN: 1671-7953 Ship Economt & Trade ISSN: 1008-1054
Ship Electronic Engineering ISSN: 1672-9730 Ship Electronic Engineering ISSN: NULL
Ship Electronic Engineering ISSN: 1627-9730 Ship Engineering ISSN: 1000-6982
Ship Science and Technology ISSN: 1672-7649 Ship Standardization Engineer ISSN: 1005-7560
Shipboard Electronic Countermeasure ISSN: 1673-9167 Shipboard Electronic Countermeasure ISSN: NULL
Shipborne Weapons ISSN: 1671-3273 Shipbuilding of China ISSN: 1000-4882
Shipbuilding Standardization & Quality ISSN: 1007-9750 Shipping Management ISSN: 1000-8799
Ships & Yachts ISSN: 1673-5056 Shiyong Pharmacy and Clinical Remedies ISSN: 1673-0070
SHIYOU ZHENGGONG YANJIU ISSN: 1006-7019 Short Stories ISSN: 1671-1688
Short Stories ISSN: 1003-1561 Short stories for children ISSN: 1008-3405
shou yao shi chang zhi nan ISSN: 1682-2668 Show Time ISSN: 1673-6702
shu dao ISSN: 1005-6106 shu fa ISSN: 1000-6036
shu fa shang ping ISSN: 1004-231X shu li hua jie ti yan jiu :gao zhong ban ISSN: 1008-0333
shu li hua xue xi :chu zhong ban ISSN: 1007-8533 shu li hua xue xi :gao zhong ban ISSN: 1007-8525
shu li tian di :chu zhong ban ISSN: 1004-6534 shu li tian di :gao zhong ban ISSN: 1004-6542
shu ma :yi dong tong xun ISSN: 1671-797X shu xue ai hao zhe (gao er ban ) ISSN: 1673-6885
shu xue jiao xue ISSN: 0488-7387 shu xue jiao xue tong xun :zhong xue sheng ban gao yi juan ISSN: 1001-8875
shu xue tong xun :shuang hao kan ISSN: 0488-7395 shu xue xiao ling tong :xiao xue zhong gao nian ji ban ISSN: 1009-0320
shu xue xue xi yu yan jiu :zhong kao ban ISSN: 1007-872X shu xue yi lin ISSN: 1003-3092
shu yu ren ISSN: 1005-717X shu zi chuan mei ISSN: 1728-4376
shu zi hua yong hu ISSN: 1009-0843 SHUANG YU XUE XI ISSN: 1671-6280
shui li tian di ISSN: 1002-3305 shui shou zheng na ISSN: 1007-3345
shui wu xue xi ISSN: 1005-5622 shui you ISSN: 1009-9697
ShuoFang Literature ISSN: 0257-585X Shuxue Dawang ISSN: 1673-6982
si chuan gong xiao he zuojing ji ISSN: 1006-0596 si chuan ren shi ISSN: 1006-0715
si chuan sheng gan bu han shou xue yuan xue bao ISSN: 1008-8784 si chuan tong yi zhan xian ISSN: 1007-242X
si chuan xin li ke xue ISSN: 1005-8621 si chuan yu suan yu hui ji ISSN: 1006-835X
si chuan zheng bao ISSN: 1006-1991 si chuan zi kao :wen ke ban ISSN: 1006-4656
si chuan zi kao :zong he ban ISSN: 1006-4664 si liao shi jie ISSN: 1727-4265
si xiang zheng zhi gong zuo yan jiu ISSN: 1002-9907 si yu xing ISSN: 1002-7483
Siberian Studies ISSN: 1008-0961 Sichuan Accounting ISSN: 1003-2452
Sichuan Agricultural Machinery ISSN: 1006-0243 Sichuan Animal & Veterinary Sciences ISSN: 1001-8964
Sichuan Architecture ISSN: 1007-8983 Sichuan Archives ISSN: 1001-5264
Sichuan Building Materials ISSN: 1672-4011 Sichuan Building Science ISSN: 1008-1933
Sichuan Business Journal ISSN: 1008-9705 SICHUAN CANYE ISSN: 1006-1185
Sichuan Cement ISSN: 1007-6344 Sichuan Chemical Industry ISSN: 1672-4887
Sichuan Commercial College Journal ISSN: 1008-5335 Sichuan Communications Technology ISSN: 1009-5373
Sichuan Cuisine ISSN: 1004-2083 Sichuan Cultural Relics ISSN: 1003-6962
Sichuan Drama ISSN: 1003-7500 Sichuan Education ISSN: 1005-1910
Sichuan Electric Power Technology ISSN: 1003-6954 Sichuan Environment ISSN: 1001-3644
Sichuan Food and Fermentation ISSN: 1671-6892 Sichuan Forestry Exploration and Design ISSN: 1006-9151
Sichuan Journal of Anatomy ISSN: 1005-1457 Sichuan Journal of Cancer Control ISSN: 1007-0281
Sichuan Journal of Physiological Sciences ISSN: 1671-3885 Sichuan Journal of Zoology ISSN: 1000-7083
Sichuan Literature ISSN: 1006-8953 Sichuan Medical Journal ISSN: 1004-0501
Sichuan Mental Health ISSN: 1007-3256 Sichuan Metallurgy ISSN: 1001-5108
Sichuan Nonferrous Metals ISSN: 1006-4079 Sichuan Ordnance Journal ISSN: 1006-0707
Sichuan Provincial Conditions ISSN: 1671-3540 Sichuan Public Finance ISSN: 1007-2047
Sichuan Silk ISSN: 1004-1265 Sichuan Sports Science ISSN: 1007-6891
Sichuan Textile Technology ISSN: 1008-0643 Sichuan Water Conservancy ISSN: NULL
Sichuan Water Power ISSN: 1001-2184 Sientific life ISSN: 1006-3501
Signal Processing ISSN: 1003-0530 SILIAO YU XUMU ISSN: 1006-6314
Silicon Valley ISSN: 1671-7597 Silicone Material ISSN: 1009-4369
Silk Monthly ISSN: 1001-7003 silk textile techmology overseas ISSN: 1005-7609
Silver Tide ISSN: 1005-1880 Sino Beauty ISSN: 1008-5785
Sino-Foreign Management ISSN: 1002-6525 Sino-Overseas Grapevine and Wine ISSN: 1004-7360
Sino-overseas Light Industry of Science and Techno ISSN: 1007-4503 Sino-US English Teaching ISSN: 1539-8072
Sintering and Pelletizing ISSN: 1000-8764 Site Investigation Science and Technology ISSN: 1001-3946
Small & Special Electrical Machines ISSN: 1004-7018 Small Arms ISSN: 1000-8810
Small Hydro Power ISSN: 1007-7642 Small Hydro Power News ISSN: 0256-3118
Small Internal Combustion Engine and Motorcycle ISSN: 1671-0630 Small Snow Flake ISSN: 1005-6246
Small Stream ISSN: 1005-5150 Snowflake ISSN: 1002-2864
Soccer World ISSN: 1000-3517 Social Outlook ISSN: 1672-3171
Social Science Front bimonthly ISSN: 0257-0246 Social Science Journal ISSN: 1001-6198
Social Science Journal For Central South Universit ISSN: 1008-4061 Social Science Journal of Xiangtan Polytechnic Uni ISSN: 1009-5357
Social Science of Beijing ISSN: 1002-3054 Social Science Research ISSN: 1000-4769
Social Sciences Abroad ISSN: 1000-4777 Social Sciences in China ISSN: 0252-9203
Social Sciences in China ISSN: 1002-4921 Social Sciences In Guangdong ISSN: 1000-114X
Social Sciences in Nanjing ISSN: 1001-8263 Social Sciences in Ningxia ISSN: 1002-0292
Social Sciences in Xinjiang ISSN: 1009-5330 Social Sciences in Yunan ISSN: 1000-8691
Social Sciences Journal of Colleges of Shanxi ISSN: 1008-6285 Social Sciences of Inner Mongolia(Mongolian Editio ISSN: 1002-9265
Social Sciences Review ISSN: 1007-9106 Social Scientist ISSN: 1002-3240
Social Work ISSN: 1005-1066 Socialism Studies ISSN: 1001-4527
Socialist Forum ISSN: 1003-7454 Sociality And Rhetoric ISSN: 1005-216X
Society ISSN: 1008-4827 Society ISSN: 1004-8004
Society ISSN: 1004-8804 Sociological Research ISSN: 1002-5936
Soda Industry ISSN: 1005-8370 Soft Science ISSN: 1001-8409
Soft Science of Health ISSN: 1003-2800 Software ISSN: 1003-6970
Software Engineer ISSN: 1008-0775 Software Guide ISSN: 1672-7800
Software of Electronic game ISSN: 1006-5032 Soil and Environmental Sciences ISSN: 1008-181X
Soil and Water Conservation in China ISSN: 1000-0941 Soil and Water Conservation Science and Technology in Shanxi ISSN: 1008-0120
Soil Engineering and Foundation ISSN: 1004-3152 Soils ISSN: 0253-9829
Soils and Fertilizers ISSN: 1002-0616 Soils and Fertilizers Sciences in China ISSN: 1673-6257
Solar Energy ISSN: 1003-0417 Solife Magazine ISSN: 1672-7754
Songs Bimonthly ISSN: 1007-4910 Sourth North Bridge ISSN: 1672-0407
South Agricultural Machinery ISSN: 1672-3872 South Architecture ISSN: 1000-0232
South Asian Studies ISSN: 1002-8404 South Asian Studies Quarterly ISSN: 1004-1508
South China Agriculture ISSN: 1673-890X South China Agriculture ISSN: 1673-890X
South China finance ISSN: 1007-9041 South China Financial Research ISSN: 1008-5742
South China Fisheries Science ISSN: 1673-2227 South China Fruits ISSN: 1007-1431
South China Journal of Adventure Stories ISSN: 1004-6399 South China Journal of Cardiology ISSN: 1009-8933
South China Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases ISSN: 1007-9688 South China Journal of Economics ISSN: 1000-6249
South China Journal of Preventive Medicine ISSN: 1671-5039 South China Journal of Seismology ISSN: 1001-8662
South China Population ISSN: 1004-1613 SOUTH CHINA REVIEW ISSN: 1006-6276
Southeast Academic Research ISSN: 1008-1569 Southeast Asia ISSN: 1000-7970
Southeast Asian Affairs ISSN: 1003-9856 Southeast Asian Studies ISSN: 1008-6099
Southeast Asian Studies ISSN: NULL Southeast Communication ISSN: 1672-9579
Southeast Culture ISSN: 1001-179X Southern China Journal of Dermato-Venereology ISSN: 1009-8968
Southern Cultural Forum ISSN: 1003-7772 Southern Hornticulture ISSN: 1674-5868
Southern Metals ISSN: 1009-9700 Southern Metals ISSN: 1007-5437
Southern People Weekly ISSN: 1672-8335 Southern Power System Technology ISSN: 1674-0629
Southern Rural ISSN: 1008-2697 South-to-North Water Transfers and Water Science & Technology ISSN: 1672-1683
Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 1001-4829 Southwest Finance ISSN: 1009-4350
Southwest Horticulture ISSN: 1008-1488 Southwest Pulp and Paper ISSN: 1009-2471
Soybean Bulletin ISSN: 1009-2765 Soybean Science ISSN: 1000-9841
Space Electronic Technology ISSN: NULL Space Exploration ISSN: 1009-6205
Space International ISSN: 1009-2366 Space Medicine & Medical Engineering ISSN: 1002-0837
Spacecraft Engineering ISSN: 1673-8748 Spacecraft Engineering ISSN: NULL
Spacecraft Environment Engineering ISSN: 1673-1379 Spacecraft Recovery & Remote Sensing ISSN: 1009-8518
Spatial Structures ISSN: 1006-6578 Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys ISSN: 1001-2249
Special Economic Animal and Plant ISSN: 1001-4713 Special Economic Zones Outlook ISSN: 1009-3206
Special Oil & Gas Reservoirs ISSN: 1006-6535 Special Purpose Rubber Products ISSN: 1005-4030
Special Purpose Vehicle ISSN: 1004-0226 Special Steel ISSN: 1003-8620
Special Steel Technology ISSN: NULL Special Structures ISSN: 1001-3598
Special Wild Economic Animal and Plant Research ISSN: 1001-4721 Special Zone Economy ISSN: 1004-0714
Speciality Petrochemicals ISSN: 1003-9384 Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis ISSN: 1000-0593
Speech and Eloquence ISSN: 1006-4699 Spiritual Civilization ISSN: 1009-7473
Sport Science And Technology ISSN: 1003-1359 SPORT VISION ISSN: 1002-3259
Sports & Science ISSN: 1004-4590 Sports Culture Guide ISSN: 1671-1572
Sports Science Research ISSN: 1006-1207 Sports Sciences Researches ISSN: 1007-7413
Sports World Scholarly ISSN: 1002-2430 Standard & Quality of Light Industry(Bimonthly) ISSN: 1004-4108
Standardization and Quality Management of Building ISSN: 1002-3852 Standardization of Engineering Construction ISSN: 1004-2989
Starlet ISSN: 1006-8392 State Academy of Forestry Administration Journal ISSN: 1671-7589
State Assets Management ISSN: 1002-4247 State Drug Administration Yearbook ISSN: 1008-9330
State Grid ISSN: 1673-4726 Statistical education ISSN: 1005-5762
Statistical Research ISSN: 1002-4565 Statistics & Information Forum ISSN: 1007-3116
Statistics and Decision ISSN: 1002-6487 Statistics and Forecasting ISSN: 1009-2021
Statistics and Information ISSN: 1007-4082 Steel & Management ISSN: 1005-6726
Steel Construction ISSN: 1007-9963 Steel Pipe ISSN: 1001-2311
Steel Rolling ISSN: 1003-9996 Steel Wire Products ISSN: 1003-4226
Steelmaking ISSN: 1002-1043 Stock Market Trend Analysis Weekly ISSN: 1671-0401
Stockbreeding Market ISSN: 1000-9744 Stomatology ISSN: 1003-9872
Stone ISSN: 1005-3352 Storage and Process ISSN: 1009-6221
Storage Transportation & Preservation of Commodities ISSN: 1007-4538 Stories & Anecdotes ISSN: 1009-7856
Stories of Relics ISSN: 1003-6555 Stories World ISSN: 1002-6290
Story of China ISSN: 1002-7564 Story Selection ISSN: 0257-0238
Storyteller ISSN: 1002-8633 Strait Journal of Preventive Medicine ISSN: 1007-2705
Strait Pharmaceutical Journal ISSN: 1006-3765 Strategy and Management ISSN: 1006-7582
Stroke and Nervous Diseases ISSN: 1007-0478 Structural Engineers ISSN: 1005-0159
Structural Engineers ISSN: 1005-1059 Structure & Environment Engineering ISSN: 1006-3919
Struggle ISSN: 0428-2205 Student Studying Abroad ISSN: 1671-8739
Students ISSN: 1672-3481 Studies Francaises ISSN: 1002-0888
Studies in College Mathematics ISSN: 1008-1399 Studies in Dialectics of Nature ISSN: 1000-8934
Studies in Ethics ISSN: 1671-9115 Studies in Foreign Education ISSN: 1006-7469
Studies in International Technology and Economy ISSN: NULL Studies in Law and Business ISSN: 1000-5234
Studies in Law and Business ISSN: 1672-0393 Studies in Middle School Math Guangdong ISSN: 1671-4164
Studies in Middle School Math Guangdong ISSN: 1673-6559 Studies In National Art ISSN: 1003-840X
Studies In Preschool Education ISSN: 1007-8169 Studies in Qing History ISSN: 1002-8587
Studies in Science of Science ISSN: 1003-2053 Studies in the History of Natural Sciences ISSN: 1000-0224
Studies in World Religions ISSN: 1000-4289 Studies of Ethnic Literature ISSN: 1002-9559
Studies of Finance and Accounting in Education ISSN: 1005-5827 Studies of International Finance ISSN: 1066-1029
Studies of International Finance ISSN: 1006-1029 Studies of Psychology and Behavior ISSN: 1672-0628
Studies of The Chinese Language ISSN: 0578-1949 Studies of Trace Elements and Health ISSN: 1005-5320
Studies of Zhouyi ISSN: 1003-3882 Studies on Mao-Zedong and Deng-Xiaoping Theories ISSN: 1005-8273
Studies on Marxism ISSN: 1006-5199 Studies on Posts ISSN: 1007-5399
Studies on the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics ISSN: 1006-6470 Studies on Township Enterprises ISSN: 1007-0885
Studio Classroom ISSN: 1001-4128 Study & Exploration ISSN: 1002-462X
Study for Junior Middle School Students ISSN: 1003-5745 Study for Junior Middle School Students ISSN: 1003-5754
Study for Junior Middle School Students ISSN: 1003-5745 Study for Junior Middle School Students ISSN: 1003-5745
Study Monthly ISSN: 1003-6016 Study of Editol Science and Technology ISSN: NULL
Study of Ethnics in Guangxi ISSN: 1004-454X Study of Ideological Education ISSN: 1002-5707
Study on China Administration for Industry & Comme ISSN: 1004-7654 Study on China Administration for Industry & Commerce ISSN: 1004-7645
Study on Optical Communications ISSN: 1005-8788 Study on Pu-Songling ISSN: 1002-3712
su zhi jiao yu :zhong xue ban ISSN: 1009-1386 Sub National Fiscal Research ISSN: 1672-9544
Subgrade Engineering ISSN: 1003-8825 Subtropical Agriculture Research ISSN: 1673-0925
Subtropical Plant Science ISSN: 1009-7791 Subtropical Soil and Water Conservation ISSN: 1002-2651
Success ISSN: 1671-3052 Sugar Crops of China ISSN: 1007-2624
Sugarcane ISSN: 1005-927X Sugarcane and Canesugar ISSN: 1005-9695
sui yue ISSN: 1002-2791 Sulphur Phosphorus & Bulk Materials Handling Related Engineering ISSN: 1009-1904
Sulphuric Acid Industry ISSN: 1002-1507 Sun Yatsen University Forum ISSN: 1007-1792
Sunan Sci-Tech Devel ISSN: 1004-888X Sunny Search ISSN: 1009-9468
Sunshine ISSN: 1007-8975 Super Science - Mystery of Science ISSN: 1004-7344
Superfine(Healthcare) ISSN: 1673-8756 Superhard Material Engineering ISSN: 1673-1433
Supervision & Choice ISSN: 1002-5693 Supervision in China ISSN: 1001-2109
Surface Technology ISSN: 1001-3660 Surfactant Industry ISSN: 1002-0896
Surveying and Mapping of Geology and Mineral Resources ISSN: 1007-9394 Surveying and Mapping of Sichuan ISSN: 1001-8379
SUZHI JIAOYU LUNTAN ISSN: 1002-7661 Suzhou Magazine ISSN: 1005-1651
Suzhou University Journal of Medical Science ISSN: 1673-0399 Swimming ISSN: 1000-3495
Swine Industry Science ISSN: 1673-5358 Swine Production ISSN: 1002-1957
Synthetic Fiber in China ISSN: 1001-7054 Synthetic Lubricants ISSN: 1672-4364
Synthetic Materials Aging and Application ISSN: 1671-5381 Synthetic Technology and Application ISSN: 1006-334X
System Sciences and Comprehensive Studies in Agriculture ISSN: 1001-0068 System Simulation Technology ISSN: 1673-1964
Systems Engineering ISSN: 1001-4098 Systems Engineering and Electronics ISSN: 1001-506X
Systems Engineering —Theory & Practice ISSN: 1000-6788