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Hydrometallurgy of China

ISSN 1009-2617 
Organizer: he gong ye bei jing hua gong ye jin yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: shi fa ye jin bian ji bu  
Description: Hydrometallurgical technology publication is a comprehensive publication. Publishes home and abroad on non-ferrous metals, precious metals, metals and precious metals scattered hydrometallurgical process, mineral processing technology, organic material (extraction solvent, ion exchange resins, flocculant, etc.) synthesis technology, automatic control of chemical processes, chemical equipment, processing equipment, instrumentation development and application of water treatment technology, waste management and environmental protection technology and analysis (physical analysis, chemical analysis) methods, the new progress in scientific research and advanced technology, but also reports on the science and technology newsletter, literature review, etc. . "Hydrometallurgy" readers engaged in the metal mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, chemical engineering, integrated metal recycling, waste management, analysis and testing, and environmental protection research, design, production staff and the relevant professional institutions and students. "Hydrometallurgy" The current issue has been extended to the provinces and autonomous regions except Hong Kong, Macao outside. (Translated by machine.)