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Reservoir Fisheries

ISSN 1003-1278 
Organizer: shui li bu zhong guo ke xue yuan shui gong cheng sheng tai yan jiu suo  
Publisher: shui li yu ye bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is in charge of Water Resources, Water Resources Institute of Ecology, Chinese Academy of Engineering sponsored the water aquaculture technical publications, the Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture of Hubei Province and the excellent journal, Chinese core journals, statistics with the Ministry of Science and Technology Journal. Feature is to promote fisheries policy journal, reported that scientific and technological achievements, to promote practical technology, exchange of operating experience, application-based, grassroots, from the practice, to guide production. Fisheries research and publishes test reports, aquaculture advanced practical technologies, advanced production experience in fisheries, water environment protection, health, aquaculture technology. (Translated by machine.)