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Railway Operation Technology

ISSN 1006-8686 
Organizer: guang xi tie dao xue hui  
Publisher: tie dao yun ying ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in January 1995, organized by the Guangxi Railway Society, the National Railway Society organized the first provincial-level public offering of scientific journals. Since it began, always adhere to the production and construction of railway transport services, the direction of running, and constantly improve the quality of publications, circulation increases every year. Purpose of the magazine are: for the national railway operations and construction, to promote scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, science, technology Hing services; to promote science and technology and information exchange, prosperity, and promoting science and technology talent railway development services; to promote rail transport modernization of production and services. Publication and exchange of content, including the railway system in all professional and technical operations, focusing on the new operating system, applications, academic studies, technical innovation, production and management experience. Main columns railway transport, rolling stock, public works, communications signals, computer technology, operations management, technological innovation, new technology, integrated paper and so on. (Translated by machine.)