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Hundred Schools In Arts

ISSN 1003-9104 
Organizer: jiang su sheng wen hua yi shu yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: yi shu bai jia bian ji bu  
Description: "Art hundred schools" is of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture organized a national integrated arts theory of large-scale Chinese academic journals. Journal itself has a glorious course of development of press and publication administration has been repeatedly rated as a journal of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, an excellent journal square journal. "Art Hundred" was launched in March 1, 1985, under the Publicity Department of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee announced the Soviet Union Complex (1985) 19 files, determine the "art of hundreds of" Publication and public offering of domestic and foreign periodicals purpose of the magazine is based in Jiangsu province , for home and abroad, to vigorously promote national culture, to promote freedom and equality based on the exchange of cultural integration, focusing on published valuable, practical guidance on the practical significance and has a prominent, deep ideological comprehensive academic discipline of art research, full service Construction of cultural province of Jiangsu. "Art hundred schools" founded 24 years ago, carry forward the traditional culture for the Times focus on art of the subject in depth, give full play to promote, lead role, adhere to the pilot, the service functions of the journal content focusing on key cultural issues, to highlight the content The artistic, ideological, academic, theoretical, efforts to establish an academic perspective is different from other publications and cultural quality, in the framework of theoretical stick to the art of independent thinking, to promote original, contemporary concern, look at the academic focus. Since founded at the beginning, "Art hundred schools" to socialist culture has always been committed to development and prosperity and make due efforts and contributions. Journal content settings include a column subject under the two disciplines of Art Art, Music, Fine Arts, Design Arts, Drama & Opera, Film, radio and television arts, dance science research in 8 subjects, taking into account philosophy, aesthetics, architecture, archeology and museology, economics, management science and other academic fields and cultural related parts. "Art hundred" magazine in 1996, 2000, 2004, three times by Peking University, National Library of China and other leading academic institutions as the National Chinese core journals (according to Beijing University Press, "A Guide to Chinese Core Journals," 2004 edition ), was the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) source journals indexed by the China Journal Net, Wanfang Database, Chinese Social Science Citation Database, Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, Data Platform Longyuan full text of journal networks, etc. included. "Art hundred schools" in 2004, selected the first batch of Chinese Academic Journal CAJ-CD standardize the implementation of outstanding Series ranks, adhere to the implementation of the "China Academic Journal (CD) retrieval and evaluation of data specification." "Art hundred schools" lead agency directly under the magazine as the "art of hundreds of" Editorial Board. Party secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, director Zhang Jian Hua Ren "art hundreds of" director of the Editorial Board, Editorial Board, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture Gao Yun, deputy director of the editorial board members for the party secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, Director Zhang Jianhua, deputy director of the high clouds, Manning, Provincial Department of Culture party members, the Nanjing Museum Director Gong Liang, Jiangsu Guohua Yuan Dean SONG Yulin, director of the Office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture Yalin Ji, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture Arts Director who yuan Wang , Jianye Xu, deputy director of Nanjing Library, Jiangsu Province, Dai Chao, dean of arts and culture and health, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, "drama Shadow Report" editorial editor, Provincial Cultural Bureau Deputy Director Zhu cultural information. "Art hundred" editorial is "Art hundred schools" under the leadership of the editorial board of the daily offices. "Art hundred" magazine under the leadership of the implementation of the editorial board, editorial director of responsibility. Culture and Arts Research Institute, Jiangsu Province, Comrade Adjunct Assistant Chu Xiaoqing "art hundreds of" editorial director. "Art Hundred," Journal of Hohai University printing by the printing, using new high-tech special paper, black and white, color printing four-color offset printing. Jiangsu Province, presided over the press board magazine's national post office issued, can subscribe to the post office across the country. Bi-monthly, large 16 mo, 204 pages, single-15 Chukan, Youfadaihao :28-360, the domestic price of 20 yuan. "Art Hundred," Journal of Chinese culture species, the domestic unity of Issues for the CN32-1092 / J, International Standard Serial Number is ISSN-1003-9104, China International Book Trading Corporation (Beijing 399 mailbox) to take the total distribution of foreign magazines business, foreign distribution, code-named BM7521. Baixia District Local Taxation Bureau to approve the "art of hundreds of" advertising business ad business license number license Ning No. 101170. "Art hundred" Editorial Office is located in Nanjing, Huaihai Road, Baixia 9th Floor, No. 2, zip code 210005. "Art hundred" 025-86645690,025-86645620 editorial office telephone and fax number is 025-86645690. Magazine at http://ysbj.chinajournal.net.cn; http://ysbj.qikan.com. Editorial contributions deal with the special online e-mail to yishubaijia@126.com. "Art Hundred," Journal of information processing using the national standard format, format specific reference to national standard GB7714-87 "Bibliographic References rules" (National Bureau of Standards, May 5, 1987 approval, 1988 January 1 Day of Operation). (Translated by machine.)