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China Tropical Medicine

ISSN 1009-9727 
Organizer: zhong hua yu fang yi xue hui hai nan ji bing yu fang kong zhi zhong xin  
Publisher: zhong guo re dai yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: Publication purpose of the magazine: China Tropical Medicine and implementing prevention-oriented approach of running home and abroad, highlighting the characteristics of tropical medicine and public health, promote the development of relevant disciplines. Introduction prevention, research, public health and maternal and child health and other experience, introduced tropical diseases control and research at home and abroad in the new technology, new development and trend, and seeks to promote international academic exchange and cooperation. Rigorous technical, scientific, intellectual, practical and dedicated as a national medical, health, medicine, environmental protection departments of scientific research, management and medical college teachers and students, especially those of primary care, health services front comrades. Column: A Review, of the, disease control, clinical diagnosis and treatment, traditional medicine, testing technology, health surveillance, public health, research progress, theoretical studies, information technology, media control, nutrition and food and so on. Report content: The main reported infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and prevention of diseases of unknown etiology, such as various parasitic diseases, bacterial diseases, viral diseases, fungal diseases, rickettsial diseases, leptospirosis, sexually transmitted diseases, skin diseases , AIDS, nutritional deficiency or excess of disease, physical diseases, occupational health, poisoning, anemia, community health, sanitation and so on. Other: Articles are "China Academic Journal> (CNKI), <Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database", "Articles - Digital Periodicals", "China's core journals (selection) database", "Chinese Biomedical Literature Database> is MEDLINE literature search system, and the International Global Health, etc. included; 2003 was named the Journal of Chinese Preventive Medical Association Journal and the national implementation of good quality journals, and domestic and foreign exchange of more than 90 journals. Science and Technology of China in 2006 into the core journals. (Translated by machine.)