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Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection

ISSN 0254-5098 
Organizer: zhong hua yi xue hui  
Publisher: zhong hua fang she yi xue yu fang hu za zhi bian ji bu  
Description: "Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection," was originally called "Radiological Medicine and Protection," in 1978 formally approved by the National Science magazine in 1981, approved by the Ministry of Health, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Radiation Medicine, edited and published "Radiation Medicine "and the Ministry of Health, Industrial Hygiene Laboratory editing and publishing the" Radiological Medicine and Protection, "co-published as" Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection. " Publication is high, intermediate, and protection of Radiation Medicine doctors, university (research institutes) in related fields of teachers, researchers, physicians, and graduate students radiotherapy, radiation protection monitoring and management personnel for the object. Major reports on the biological effects of ionizing radiation, clinical research, radiation therapy, radiation hygiene, radiation protection and management, environmental radioactivity monitoring, nuclear accident emergency medicine, radiation measurement and other aspects of scientific research, clinical experience and management experience. Running Mission: carry out the Party and state health policies, implement the theory and practice, universal principle of combining with the increase, reflecting the field of radiation medicine and protection of significant progress in scientific research, promote the development of nuclear energy at home and abroad and academic exchanges . Internationally, the publication by a number of authoritative information retrieval technology, gathers, such as "Chemical Abstracts" (CA), International Nuclear Information System "INIS Atom Index," the British "Physics in Medicine and Biology Applications" (Physics in Medicine and Biology). Was included in a number of domestic science and technology information databases such as: Chinese Science Citation Database, "Chinese science and technology data directory", Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM, Articles and so on. According to the Chinese Library of Science Science Citation Database Statistics publication has entered since 1996 within the top 100 journals. 1992 Department of Peking University Library was selected as the core journals and early 90s from the 20th century were developed by the Library of Chinese Academy of Chinese Science Citation Database and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Information Institute, "China's scientific papers and citation database (CSTPD) "selected as the source of statistical journals. Publication in 1997 by the China Association for Science Award Outstanding Science and Technology journal, twice won the Chinese Medical Association, founded 80,85 anniversary of the outstanding Series Award. Editorial staff won many awards all Editor (Translated by machine.)