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Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

ISSN 1009-8402 
Organizer: zhong guo zhi leng kong diao gong ye xie hui zhong guo ke xue ji shu jiao liu zhong xin  
Publisher: zhi leng yu kong diao bian ji bu  
Description: "Refrigeration and Air Conditioning" magazine was founded in 1990, was released in 2001, is the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association journal, by the Head of Science and Technology, China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, China Science and Technology Exchange Center jointly organized by the professional journals, the domestic outside the public offering, the domestic unified Issues for the CN11-4519/TB, International Standard Serial Number for the ISSN1009-8402. Domestic Youfadaihao :2-857, foreign distribution code: 8402BM purpose and mission: to strengthen the industry, close government, industry, business linkages, financial information, technology, management as a whole, promote scientific and technological achievements, to promote technical progress refrigeration and air conditioning industry and development. Post Content: practical technology-based, timely reports on national policy on technological innovation, the development of the industry's major technology trends and the latest technological developments and achievements at home and abroad. Is the domestic refrigeration industry has a large, widely influential, authoritative professional class technical Brand. Readers: in the refrigeration and air conditioning and technology related industries, workers, including engineering design, research, construction and equipment manufacturers with operations management professionals and the institutions and students. Industries involved in tobacco, petroleum, chemical, textile, electronics, food, medicine, tourism, real estate and other refrigeration and air conditioning equipment selection, use and equipment maintenance units. Main sections: Industry Overview, business development, market research analysis, technical presentations, project evaluation, equipment development and application. The journal is bi-monthly, large sixteen open. Double the end of every publication, each body of the 104 or so. Price of 10 yuan each year a total of 60. (Translated by machine.)