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Recycling Research

ISSN 1674-0912 
Organizer: zhong hua quan guo gong xiao he zuo zong she tian jin zai sheng zi yuan yan jiu suo zhong guo zai sheng zi yuan hui shou li yong xie hui  
Description: Publication by the China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in charge, China Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Renewable Resources Institute, Tianjin, China Resource Recycling Association, the domestic and international public offering integrated technical publications, mainly on renewable resources, promote national recycling and development of circular economy principles, policies, introduced domestic renewable resources (waste material) recovery, processing and utilization, waste recycling, recycling economy and other fields of the new results, new technologies, new processes, new equipment, including scrap iron and steel, scrap metals, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste paper raw materials, discarded appliances, batteries, junk cars, discarded equipment, remanufacturing, waste disposal, clean production and so on. Magazine readers: renewable resources, recycling economy, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, paper, building materials, environmental protection and other relevant fields of general practitioners. (Translated by machine.)