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Heavy Machinery

ISSN 1001-196X 
Organizer: xi an zhong xing ji xie yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong xing ji xie bian ji bu  
Description: This publication reports smelting, rolling, forging machinery and equipment and a complete set of electrical, hydraulic control technology, environmental dust, computer technology, basic parts, standard parts such as the development direction of the latest research, new technology and new equipment applications. Main readers are metallurgy, machinery and other professional engaged in research, teaching, design, manufacture, use and maintenance of engineering and technical staff, managers, technical workers and students in tertiary institutions. In addition to widely distributed publication in the domestic provinces and municipalities, various industries, but also with Japan, Germany, Britain, Russia and other countries established a good distribution, exchange relations. In order to communicate with production, supply and marketing channels, promote economic development, magazine advertising concurrently. Welcome to production, operation of machinery, electronics, hydraulics, lubrication and other products of the enterprises in the magazine advertising. (Translated by machine.)