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Resources & Industries

ISSN 1673-2464 
Organizer: zhong guo di zhi da xue bei jing zhong guo di zhi diao cha ju guo tu zi yuan bu ren li zi yuan kai fa zhong xin  
Publisher: zi yuan yu chan ye bian ji bu  
Description: "Resources and Industry," Journal of charge by the Ministry of Education, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), organized public offering of domestic and foreign academic journals, bimonthly, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1673-2464; national unity ISSN: CN11-5426/TD . "Resource industry" organized by the Department of Geology and Mineral former "mineral resources" changed its name from, founded in 1995, in the area of land and resources has been enjoying high reputation. At present, China's industrialization on the natural resources and the authority of research journals. As the "resource industries," the middle of a serious impact on the dot and the readers of the online search, the study consultations, and report to the competent authority, "resource industries," No. 1 in 2006 officially changed its name to "resource and industry" to a new look to meet with readers, while maintaining the publication of the Reflections. "Resources and Industry" magazine by the China University of Geosciences (Beijing), deputy party secretary, Professor of opening the editor in chief commander. Authoritative, scientific, forward-looking, practical, etc. The features distinctive, deeply engaged in resource management, teaching and research staff of the attention and praise, and won, and attracted a large number of authors and readers. "Resources and Industry" magazine has a resource-based sustainable urban development, resource management, resource strategy, resource development, resources, environment, resource surveys, resource evaluation, resource industries, resources, market and other major sections, covering land, mineral, marine, water and other natural resource management and research. "Resources and Industry" magazine based on the scientific concept of development, set theory and reality in one of its journals and magazines in the level of quality is further improved, the social impact is also expanding. Features for, accomplishing fine, it is the goal of the magazine. "Resources and Industry" magazine Since it began, received many honors, and was included in a number of domestic database. Sustainable development of resource-based cities is an important publication and features section, in 2003-2004 was named Outstanding Beijing College of Humanities and Social Sciences section, May 2006, "Resources and Industry" in China Institute of Humanities and Social Science Journals Appraising the activities by the Third National Outstanding Social Science Journal, resource-based sustainable urban development was named the National Outstanding Social Science Journal column. "Resources and Industry" magazine won the first national "CAJ-CD specification," the implementation of an excellent journal, 2003-2004, Beijing College of Humanities and Social Sciences Award for outstanding editorial quality, resource-based part of sustainable urban development by the Beijing College of Humanities and Social Sciences Excellent columns and other awards; be "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "China's core journals (selection) Database", "China Journal", "China Academic Journals" (CD), "Articles - Digital Periodicals" and the Ministry of Science and Information Center of Southwest, "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" and other databases and reference included. "Resources and Industry," Journal Features for, accomplishing the process of fine long way to go, new look for 2006 will be the new starting point of our work, we sincerely look forward to from the land and resources sector and related areas of more support and attention, and sincere more readers and writers invited to join, "Resources and Industry" magazine ranks the building. "Resources and Industry" magazine is willing to take off together with your business. (Translated by machine.)