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Research Studies on Foundry Equipment

ISSN 1004-6178 
Organizer: tai yuan ke ji da xue quan guo gao xiao zhu zao she bei jiao xue yan jiu wei yuan hui  
Publisher: zhu zao she bei yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1979, domestic and international distribution, by the National (College) Research Committee and the Teaching of Foundry Equipment Taiyuan University of Technology (formerly the Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Institute) jointly organized a national science and technology journals. Publishes casting equipment, technology, alloys, academic research papers and discussion topics; casting plant (plant) and plant design, technological innovation, experience and plant management; casting equipment, product design and calculation, application development and practical experience; casting the training and professional development articles; coverage areas of domestic and international casting news conferences and events; also released a variety of casting equipment, casting of new technologies, new processes, new books and information materials and advertising and information. (Translated by machine.)