Shike Huibian
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"Compendium of Chinese Stone Inscriptions over the Dynasties" (Shike Huibian) is a full text database of epigraphical materials emerged in various dynasties in China. This database compiles more than 17,000 metal and stone inscriptions selected by contemporary experienced virtuosos of the National Library of China. It includes documents on Chinese politics, economy, military, religion, literature, geography, science, technology, education, etc. Margin comments made by concurrent inscription researchers are also incorporated along with the engravings per se.

These valuable inscriptions have a bearing on the past history and social life of ancient China providing an extremely valuable treasure for scholars on Chinese studies.

Database Features:
  • Rich content — 17,000 metal and stone inscriptions, reaches up to 15 million characters
  • Fully Internet version— no need to install, manage a server
  • Two browse mode — Image mode and Text mode
  • Online manuscript input and search, phonetic tone shift, conversion between solar calendar and lunar calendar, conversion between Chinese Era and Christian Era, conversion between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, ancient character’s frequency of occurrences

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