Copyright Permissions and Content Licensing

Oriprobe enjoys established relationships with publishers in Asia and acquires permissions and licensing rights for regulatory purposes, reprints, republishing or reproduction of following materials:

  • Journal articles;
  • Newspapers articles;
  • Video/audio clips;
  • Books;
  • Website contents; and
  • Photographs.

Skilled, experienced professionals at Oriprobe will perform the entire process of rights acquiring and offer you with online tracking of the progress to meet with your tight deadlines.

Oriprobe understands the local cultures, laws/policies and languages in the area and is proud to secure the permissions you need in the quickest and cheapest manner possible.

How to proceed

  • You could simply fill in an online copyright permission/Licensing order form while leaving the rest to Oriprobe. Please send as much information on your permission request as possible in the "Note" of the form;
  • You would receive notifications via e-mail as to the status, time frames, terms and conditions, price and the final formal grant;
  • Payment could be made online using credit cards, Paypal or via invoicing.

Pricing The rates vary depending on publishers. They are usually from US$150 to US$500 per permission.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at

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