Corporations and Special Libraries

Oriprobe works closely with corporations and special libraries for years, and has continued to help them achieve research objectives and fulfill their needs for particular materials for research and regulatory purposes more effectively and efficiently.

Oriprobe offers customized research services to improve customer’s research efficiency: collecting research materials; updating you on your research topics; preparing research reports of your topics; and translating documents into the language you request.

Featured Databases and Services for Corporations and Special Libraries
Includes more than 10,000 journals and delivers millions of theses/dissertations, conference proceedings, books and other materials from China in particular and Asia in general
A comprehensive collection of China STM China STM (Science, Technology & Medicine) research materials
Acquire copyright and license contents of a variety of materials from Asia
Guaranteed affordable machine and human translation services
Customized to meet your particular needs
Access more than 10,000 journals
Covers millions of theses and dissertations from China
Covers millions of conference papers from China
A collection of policies, laws and regulations of China from 1949
Covers China's major scientific institutions
Information on major Chinese companies and their products
Chinese patents of invention, utility and design
A comprehensive collection of Chinese national standards and industrial standards
All about China’s energy strategy, policies and management
Contemporary Chinese Studies Suite for Corporations and Special Libraries
All about China’s international issues and foreign affairs
Front page headlines from all central and provincial party newspapers from 2008 onwards
A comprehensive collection of Chinese government documents from 1983
A comprehensive collection of the Communist Party of China from 1921
A comprehensive collection of documents of the National People’s Congress from the 1st session of the 1st congress to present
A comprehensive collection of documents of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference from the 1st session of the 1st conference to present