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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Baby Care ISSN:1004-969X Bao-Steel Technology ISSN:1008-0716
Bar Code & Information System ISSN:1004-9274 Barley and Cereal Sciences ISSN:1673-6486
Barley Science ISSN:1004-0269 Basic & Clinical Medicine ISSN:1001-6325
Basic Education ISSN:1005-2232 Basic Education Review ISSN:1672-1128
Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities ISSN:1006-8341 Basket Ball ISSN:1000-3460
Basketball Club ISSN:1673-1115 Battery Bimonthly ISSN:1001-1579
Bearing ISSN:1000-3762 Beauty & Times ISSN:1003-2592
Beauty & Times ISSN:1003-2592 Beer Science and Technology ISSN:1008-4819
Behavior and Conduct ISSN:1007-5100 BEIFANG HANGKONG ISSN:1003-4498
Beijing Adult Education ISSN:1002-414X Beijing Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1001-8344
Beijing Agriculture ISSN:1000-6966 Beijing Archives ISSN:1002-1051
Beijing Automotive Engineering ISSN:1002-4581 Beijing Biomedical Engineering ISSN:1002-3208
Beijing College of Political Science and Law ISSN:1672-9285 Beijing Document ISSN:1005-9075
Beijing Education ISSN:1000-7997 Beijing Education ISSN:1000-7997
Beijing Electronics ISSN:1006-8503 Beijing Geology ISSN:1007-1903
Beijing Industry&Commerce ISSN:1002-3135 Beijing Journal of Stomatology ISSN:1006-673X
Beijing Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1674-1307 Beijing Literature ISSN:0257-0262
Beijing Medical Journal ISSN:0253-9713 Beijing Observation ISSN:1008-1208
Beijing Planning Review ISSN:1003-627X Beijing Real Estate ISSN:1002-2961
Beijing Review ISSN:1000-9140 Beijing Surveying and Mapping ISSN:1007-3000
Beijing Textile Journal ISSN:1002-3348 Beijing This Month ISSN:1006-6640
Beijing Water ISSN:1673-4637 Beijing Water Resources ISSN:1008-3367
Beijing Wood Industry ISSN:1004-0870 Best Friends ISSN:1009-8232
Betes World ISSN:1672-7851 Beverage & Fast Frozen Food Industry ISSN:1007-0818
Bfpolice ISSN:1008-9586 Bimonthly of Xinjiang Meteorology ISSN:1002-0799
BINGTUAN JIANSHE ISSN: Biodiversity Science ISSN:1005-0094
Biographical Literature ISSN:1003-0255 Biographies,reminiscences ISSN:1001-6635
Biology Teaching ISSN:1004-7549 Biology Teaching in Middle School ISSN:1005-2259
Biomagnetism ISSN:1671-2285 Biomass Chemical Engineering ISSN:1673-5854
Biomedical and Environmental Sciences ISSN:0895-3988 Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Medicine ISSN:1009-7090
Biotech World ISSN:1672-1411 Biotechnology ISSN:1004-311X
Biotechnology Bulletin ISSN:1002-5464 Biweekly of Administration for Industry and Commerce ISSN:1673-5870
Blasting ISSN:1001-487X Blue Collar ISSN:1672-5034
BMJ Chinese Edition ISSN:1007-9742 Boiler Manufacturing ISSN:
Boiler Technology ISSN:1672-4763 BOJI(WUSHUKEXUE) ISSN:1004-5643
Borning Ground ISSN:1004-8510 Boxing & Fight ISSN:1002-7475
brand ISSN:1004-9002 Brick & Tile World ISSN:1002-9885
Brick-Brick-Tile ISSN:1001-6945 Bridge ISSN:1000-3479
Bridge Construction ISSN:1003-4722 Bridge of Century ISSN:1001-0475
Brilliance ISSN:1005-4049 Broadcast Music Choice ISSN:1002-5979
Broadcast Network Technology ISSN:1671-1920 Broker ISSN:1009-3990
Bu Lao Hu Youth Literature ISSN:1673-0259 Budgetmanagement & Accounting ISSN:1008-5114
Builders' Monthly ISSN:1002-3232 Building Artificial Boards ISSN:1004-8677
Building Block and Block Building ISSN:1003-5273 Building Construction ISSN:1004-1001
Building Decoration Materials World ISSN:1671-1467 Building Electricity ISSN:1003-8493
Building Energy & Environment ISSN:1003-0344 Building Materials Products & Application ISSN:1007-8479
Building Materials·Architecture·Decoration ISSN:1009-475X Building Science ISSN:1002-8528
Building Structure ISSN:1002-848X Building Technique Development ISSN:1001-523X
Bulk Cement ISSN:1007-3922 Bulletin des Sciences Mathematics ISSN:0583-1458
Bulletin of Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:1000-6400 Bulletin of Biology ISSN:0006-3193
Bulletin of Botanical Research ISSN:1673-5102 Bulletin of Chinese Cancer ISSN:1004-0242
Bulletin of Medical Research ISSN:1003-0409 Bulletin of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry ISSN:1007-2802
Bulletin of National Natural Science Foundation of China ISSN:1000-8217 Bulletin of Science and Technology ISSN:1001-7119
Bulletin of Scientific & Technological Achievement ISSN:1002-7076 Bulletin of Sericulture ISSN:0258-4069
Bulletin of Soil and Water Conservation ISSN:1000-288X Bulletin of Sport Science & Technology ISSN:1005-0256
Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping ISSN:0494-0911 Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping ISSN:1000-8454
Bulletin of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences ISSN:1000-5501 Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ISSN:1003-3572
Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ISSN:1000-3045 Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society ISSN:1001-1625
Bus Technology and Research ISSN:1006-3331 Business & Finance Review ISSN:1671-4725
Business @ Internet ISSN:1009-8046 Business circles guiding journal isue ISSN:1671-3443
Business Culture ISSN:1006-4117 Business Economics and Administration ISSN:1000-2154
Business Economy ISSN:1009-6043 Business Man ISSN:1672-2507
Business Management Review ISSN:1672-7614 Business Travel ISSN:1673-8551
Business Watch Magazine ISSN:1009-4865 Business World ISSN:1001-5310
Business World ISSN:1671-3435