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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems ISSN: Cable Television Technology ISSN:1008-5351
CAD/CAM YU ZHIZAOYE XINXIHUA ISSN:1671-8186 Cadres Tribune ISSN:1003-837X
Calligraphy and Painting ISSN:1000-6214 Camera ISSN:1009-2250
Campus Life & Mental Health ISSN:1671-7716 Campus Life & Mental Health ISSN:1673-1662
Campus:Literature and Culture ISSN:1009-5543 Cancer Frontier ISSN:1673-5757
Cancer Rehabilitation ISSN:1007-8193 Cancer Research and Clinic ISSN:1006-9801
Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment ISSN:1000-8578 Capital China ISSN:1006-9208
Capital Journal of Public Health ISSN:1673-7830 Capital Markets Magazine ISSN:1008-066X
Capital Medicine ISSN:1005-8257 Capital Shanghai ISSN:1008-6560
Car & Motor ISSN:1009-0231 Car Test Report ISSN:1672-4895
Carbon ISSN:1001-8948 Carbon Techniques ISSN:1001-3741
Carcinogenesis,Teratogenesis and Mutagenesis ISSN:1004-616X Cards World ISSN:1671-2498
Career Development ISSN:1009-8127 Career Horizon ISSN:1672-8963
Career Horizon ISSN:1672-8963 Caricature Monthly ISSN:1003-7128
Carsologica Sinica ISSN:1001-4810 Cartoon ISSN:1003-7128
Cass Journal of Law ISSN:1002-896X CASS Journal of Political Science ISSN:1000-3355
Casting Plant and Technology ISSN:0930-1879 CD Tecnnology ISSN:1006-6950
Cell Research ISSN:1001-0602(Print);1748-7838(Onl Cellular & Molecular Immunology ISSN:1672-7681
Cement ISSN:1002-9877 Cement Engineering ISSN:1007-0389
Cement Guide for New Epoch ISSN:1008-0473 Cement Technology ISSN:1001-6171
Cemented Carbide ISSN:1003-7292 Centerprise Managener ISSN:1002-526X
Central China Electric Power ISSN:1006-6519 Central China Medical Journal ISSN:1007-5534
Central Plains Medical Journal ISSN:1003-3556 Central South Forest Inventory and Planning ISSN:1003-6075
Central South Highway Engineering ISSN:1002-1205 Central South Pharmacy ISSN:1672-2981
Century ISSN:1005-4715 Century Business Review ISSN:1672-8343
Ceo & Cio in Information Times ISSN:1007-9440 Ceramic Research and Vocational Education ISSN:1672-2965
Ceramic Studies Journal ISSN:1000-9892 Ceramics ISSN:1002-2872
Ceramics Engineering ISSN:1006-3048 Cereal & Feed Industry ISSN:1003-6202
Cereal and Food Industry ISSN:1672-5026 Cereals and Oils Processing ISSN:1673-7199
Cereals and Oils Processing ISSN:1009-1807 CFHI Technology ISSN:1673-3355
Changbai Journal ISSN:1003-5478 Changjiang Literature & Art ISSN:0528-8384
Channel Science ISSN:1673-8683 Chaoshan Businessman ISSN:1673-8675
Charming China ISSN:1673-0992 Chemical Analysis and Meterage ISSN:1008-6145
Chemical Engineer ISSN:1002-1124 Chemical Engineering ISSN:1005-9954
Chemical Engineering & Machinery ISSN:0254-6094 Chemical Engineering Design ISSN:1007-6247
Chemical Engineering Design Communications ISSN:1003-6490 Chemical Engineering of Oil and Gas ISSN:1007-3426
Chemical Enterprise Management ISSN:1008-4800 Chemical Equipment Technology ISSN:1007-7251
Chemical Fertilizer Design ISSN:1004-8901 Chemical Fiber & Textile Technology ISSN:1672-500X
Chemical Fiber Abstracts ISSN:1001-7046 Chemical Industry ISSN:1673-9647
Chemical Industry and Engineering ISSN:1004-9533 Chemical Industry and Engineering Progress ISSN:1000-6613
Chemical Industry Times ISSN:1002-154X Chemical Intermediate ISSN:1672-8114
Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities ISSN:0251-0790 Chemical Materials for Construction ISSN:1004-1672
Chemical Production and Technology ISSN:1006-6829 Chemical Propellants & Polymeric Materials ISSN:1672-2191
Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technology ISSN:1001-7631 Chemical Reagents ISSN:0258-3283
Chemical Research ISSN:1008-1011 Chemical Research and Application ISSN:1004-1656
Chemical Research in Chinese Universities ISSN:1005-9040 Chemical Safety & Environment ISSN:1008-1550
Chemical Sensors ISSN:1008-2298 Chemical Techno-Economics ISSN:1006-253X
Chemical Technology Market ISSN:1009-4725 Chemical World ISSN:0367-6358
Chemistry ISSN:0441-3776 Chemistry & Bioengineering ISSN:1672-5425
Chemistry and Adhesion ISSN:1001-0017 Chemistry and Industty of Forest Products ISSN:0253-2417
Chemistry of Life ISSN:1000-1336 CHENGSHI RANQI ISSN:1671-5152
Chess Art ISSN:1000-7679 Chess Art ISSN:1000-7680
Chic ISSN:1005-7994 Children Art ISSN:1007-8843
Children Literature ISSN:0257-6562 Children's Study ISSN:1002-9915
Children's World ISSN:1002-4069 China & The World Cultural Exchange ISSN:1004-5007
China & The World Cultural Exchange ISSN:1004-5015 China & World Economy ISSN:1671-2234
China Accounting and Finance Review ISSN:1029-807X China Acrobatics and Magic ISSN:1003-630X
China Adhesives ISSN:1004-2849 China Adult Education ISSN:1004-6577
China Advertising ISSN:1005-9156 China After School Education ISSN:1004-8502
China Agricultural Education ISSN:1009-1173 China Agricultural Information ISSN:1004-9584
China Agricultural Information ISSN:1672-0423 china agricultural machinery safety supervision ISSN:1671-3125
China Agricultural Means of Production ISSN:1005-9806 China Agricultural Technology Extension ISSN:1002-381X
China Air Force ISSN:1002-6010 china and foreign medical journal ISSN:1728-3655
China and World Periodical Digest ISSN:1006-9518 China Anesthesia and Analgesia ISSN:1526-6508
China Angling ISSN:1000-3487 China Animal Health ISSN:1008-4754
China Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Medicine ISSN:1671-7236 China Animal Husbandry Bulletin ISSN:1007-9505
China Anti Counterfeiting ISSN:1008-9098 China Anti-counterfeiting Report ISSN:1671-2773
China Appliance ISSN:1008-6242 China Appliance ISSN:1672-8823
China Archives ISSN:1007-5054 China Art ISSN:1003-0433
China Auction ISSN:1673-6621 China Audit ISSN:1002-5049
China Auto ISSN:1002-0918 China Auto Market ISSN:1019-9314
China Auto Service ISSN:1008-2387 China Auto-ID ISSN:1673-6362
China Avphile ISSN:1006-8589 China Awards for Science and Technology ISSN:1672-903X
China Basic Science ISSN:1009-2412 China Beet & Sugar ISSN:1002-0551
China Bicycle ISSN:1000-999X China Biogas ISSN:1000-1166
China Biotechnology ISSN:1671-8135 China Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety ISSN:1002-7734
China Book Review ISSN:1002-235X China Brand ISSN:1673-7741
China Brand and Anti-counterfeiting ISSN:1673-3398 China Brewing ISSN:0254-5071
China Broadcasts ISSN:1004-9061 China Building Material Equipment ISSN:1002-0276
China Building Materials ISSN:1000-0836 China Building Materials Science & Technology ISSN:1003-8965
China Building Waterproofing ISSN:1007-497X China Business ISSN:1002-9699
China Business & Trade ISSN:1005-5800 China Business and Market ISSN:1007-8266
China Business Beview ISSN:1008-1313 China Business Time ISSN:1006-4109
China Business Update ISSN:1009-9972 CHINA BUSINESS(JINGJI LILUN YANJIU) ISSN:1009-5292
China Businessman ISSN:1005-5266 China Campus ISSN:1671-3028
China Cattle Science ISSN:1001-9111 China Cement ISSN:1671-8321
China Ceramic Artist ISSN:1671-2501 China Ceramic Industry ISSN:1006-2874
China Ceramics ISSN:1001-9642 China Chemical ISSN:1002-1345
China Chemical Industry Equipment ISSN:1671-0525 China Chemical Industry Yearbook ISSN:1005-3336
China Chemical News ISSN:1006-6438 China Chief Financial Officer ISSN:1672-576X
China Child Blood ISSN:1006-9526 China Chlor-Alkali ISSN:1009-1785
China CIO News ISSN:1001-2362 China City Planning Review ISSN:1002-8447
China Civil Affairs ISSN:1002-4441 China Civil Aviation ISSN:1009-8739
China Civil Engineering Journal ISSN:1000-131X China Clinical Practical Medicine ISSN:1673-8799
China Coal ISSN:1006-530X China Coal Industry ISSN:1002-8315
China Coalbed Methane ISSN:1672-3074 China Collections ISSN:1009-5861
China College and University Admission ISSN:1671-2293 China Comment ISSN:1002-7335
China Commerce ISSN:1006-7833 China Commercial Law ISSN:1008-5416
China Computer & Communication ISSN:1003-9767 China Computer & Network ISSN:1008-1739
China Computer Users ISSN:1003-031X China Concerete and Cement Products ISSN:1000-4637
China Condiment ISSN:1000-9973 China Conformity Assessment ISSN:1006-4508
China Construction Heating & Refrigeration ISSN:1008-570X China Construction Metal Structure ISSN:1671-3362
CHINA CONSUMERS ISSN:1005-4510 China Contemporary Medicine ISSN:1009-4393
China Contemporary Medicine ISSN:1009-4393 China Co-operation Economy ISSN:1006-6063
China Cosmetics Review ISSN:1004-5163 China Cosmetics Review ISSN:1044-5163
China Cotton ISSN:1000-632X China Cotton Processing ISSN:1003-0662
China Credit Card ISSN:1009-2056 China Credit Card ISSN:1009-2056
China Cucurbits and Vegetables ISSN:1673-2871 China Cultural Heritage ISSN:1672-7819
China Customs ISSN:1001-0637 China Dairy ISSN:1671-4393
China Dairy Cattle ISSN:1004-4264 China Dairy Industry ISSN:1001-2230
China Data Communications ISSN:1009-5799 China Development ISSN:1671-2404
China Development Observation ISSN:1673-033X China Digital Cable TV ISSN:1007-7022
China Digital Life ISSN:1009-5764 China Digital Medicine ISSN:1673-7571
China Digital TV ISSN:1673-3304 china drinks ISSN:1006-2289
China Drug Store ISSN:1009-5012 CHINA E—COMMERCE YEAR BOOK ISSN:1671-007X
China Economic & Trade Herald ISSN:1007-9777 China Economic Information ISSN:1003-5974
China Economic Weekly ISSN:1672-7150 China Economist ISSN:1673-8837
China Economist ISSN:1004-4914 CHINA EDUCATION ISSN:1673-2413
China Education & Teaching ISSN:1812-5867 China Education Info ISSN:1673-8454
China Education Innovation Herald ISSN:1673-9795 China Education Network ISSN:1672-9781
China Education of Light Industry ISSN: China Education Research and Innovate ISSN:1683-5840
China Educational Technique & Equipment ISSN:1671-489X China Educational Technology ISSN:1006-9860
China Elastomerics ISSN:1005-3174 CHINA ELECTRIC POWER ISSN:1002-1140
China Electric Power Education ISSN:1007-0079 China Electrical Equipment Industry ISSN:1009-5578
China Electronic & Net Publishing ISSN:1672-0350 China Electronic Athletics ISSN:1673-0771
China Electronic Publishing ISSN:1006-8325 China Elevator ISSN:1001-7151
China Emergency Rescue ISSN:1673-5579 China Employment ISSN:1006-8120
China Entrepreneur ISSN:1003-5087 China Environment Management ISSN:1003-1294
China Environmental Protection Industry ISSN:1006-5377 China Environmental Science ISSN:1000-6923
China Ethnicity ISSN:1009-8887 China Examinations ISSN:1005-8427
China Family Education ISSN:1007-693X China Family Education ISSN:1004-048X
China Feed ISSN:1004-3314 China Fiber Inspection ISSN:1671-4466
China Filtration & Separation ISSN:1005-8265 China Finance ISSN:0578-1485
China Financialyst ISSN:1672-4941 China Fire ISSN:1000-1107
China Fisheries ISSN:1002-6681 China Flowers & Horticulture ISSN:1009-8496
China Food ISSN:1000-1085 China Food Additives ISSN:1006-2513
China Food Drug Administration ISSN:1673-5390 China Foreign Energy ISSN:1673-579X
China Foreign Medical Treatment ISSN:1674-0742 China Forest Products Industry ISSN:1001-5299
China Forestry Business ISSN:1005-2267 China Forestry Economy ISSN:1673-5919
china forestry industry ISSN:1672-7096 China Forestry Science and Technology ISSN:1000-8101
China Foundry ISSN:1001-4977 China Foundry ISSN:1672-6421
China Foundry Machinery & Technology ISSN:1006-9658 China Fruit and Vegetable ISSN:1008-1038
China Fruit News ISSN:1673-1514 China Fruits ISSN:1000-8047
China Garment ISSN:1003-1030 China Gems ISSN:1004-3721
China Gems & Jades ISSN:1002-1442 China Glasses Science-Technology Magazine ISSN:1004-6615
China Golf Management ISSN:1609-3364 China Government Procurement ISSN:1671-0665
China Grain Economy ISSN:1007-4821 China Harbour Engineering ISSN:1003-3688
China Hardware and Kitchen & Bathroom Apparatus ISSN:1672-2760 China Health Food ISSN:1009-7023
China Health Human Resources ISSN:1008-7370 China Health Industry ISSN:1672-5654
China Health Law ISSN:1004-6607 China Health Mmonthly ISSN:1005-0515
China Health Policy ISSN:1003-8272 China Healthcare & Nutrition ISSN:1004-7484
China Healthcare Innovation ISSN:1673-5552 China Healthcare Innovation ISSN:1673-5552
China Heavy Equipment ISSN:1674-0963 China Herbivores ISSN:1007-9726
China Herbivores ISSN:1000-6443 China High Technology Enterprises ISSN:1009-2374
China Higher Education ISSN:1002-4417 China Higher Education Research ISSN:1004-3667
China Higher Medical Education ISSN:1002-1701 China Highway ISSN:1006-3897
China Historical Materials of Science and Technolo ISSN:1000-0798 China Hospital CEO ISSN:
China Housing Facilities ISSN:1672-5093 China Hydropower & Electrification ISSN:1673-8241
China Illuminating Engineering Journal ISSN:1004-440X China Illuminrtion ISSN:1728-2890
China Industrial Economics ISSN:1006-480X China Information Review ISSN:1005-7919
China Information Security ISSN:1009-8054 China Information Technology Education ISSN:1674-2117
China Information Times ISSN:1671-3370 China Inspection and Quarantine ISSN:1002-4689
China Instrumentation ISSN:1005-2852 China Insurance ISSN:1001-4489
China Integrated Circuit ISSN:1681-5289 China International Business ISSN:1672-075X
China International Studies ISSN:1673-3258 China Internet ISSN:1672-5077
China Internet Weekly ISSN:1007-9769 China Invention & Patent ISSN:1672-6081
China Investigation & Design ISSN:1006-9607 China Investment ISSN:1008-6196
China investment management ISSN:1003-7616 China Journal of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning ISSN:1005-9121
China Journal of Bioinformatics ISSN:1672-5565 China Journal of Cancer Prevention and Treatment ISSN:1009-4571
China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica ISSN:1001-5302 China Journal of Clinical Medicine Hygiene ISSN:1727-3056
China Journal of Emergency Resuscitation and Disaster Medicine ISSN:1673-6966 China Journal of Endoscopy ISSN:1007-1989
China Journal of Health Psychology ISSN:1005-1252 China Journal of Highway and Transport ISSN:1001-7372
China journal of Leprosy and Skin Diseases ISSN:1009-1157 China Journal of Modern Medicine ISSN:1005-8982
China Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ISSN:1672-3244 China Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology ISSN:1003-0034
China Journal of Pharmaceutical Economics ISSN:1673-5846 China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ISSN:1000-4971
China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy ISSN:1673-1727 China Juvenile and Children ISSN:0412-4154
China Juvenile Computer ISSN:1007-4449 China Kb ISSN:1671-8216
China Labor ISSN:1007-8746 China Land ISSN:1002-9729
China Land Science ISSN:1001-8158 China Leather ISSN:1001-6813
China Legal Science ISSN:1003-1707 China Licensed Pharmacist ISSN:1672-5433
China Light & Lighting ISSN:1002-6150 China Logistics & Purchasing ISSN:1671-6663
China Logistics Times ISSN:1673-0542 China Machinery & Electric Industry ISSN:1002-977X
China Machinery Enterprise Management ISSN:1004-6496 China Management Informationization ISSN:1673-0194
China Maritime Safety ISSN:1673-2278 China Market ISSN:1005-6432
China Marketing ISSN:1005-3530 China Materials Distribution ISSN:1007-4139
CHINA MEASUREMENT & TESTING TECHNOLOGY ISSN:1672-4984 China Mechanical Engineering ISSN:1004-132X
China Mediatech ISSN:1672-1268 China Medical Abstracts ISSN:1004-0625
China Medical Abstracts ISSN:1001-4136 China Medical Abstracts (Internal Medicine) ISSN:1000-9086
China Medical Abstracts(Dermatology) ISSN:1001-8077 China Medical Devices Information ISSN:1006-6586
China Medical Education Technology ISSN:1004-5287 China Medical Engineering ISSN:1672-2019
China Medical Equipment ISSN:1672-8270 China Medical Herald ISSN:1673-7210
China Medical News ISSN:1000-8039 China Medicine ISSN:1673-4777
China Medicine Hygiene ISSN:1810-5734 China Metal Bulletin ISSN:1672-1667
China Metalforming Equipment & Manufacturing Technology ISSN:1672-0121 China Metallurgical Education ISSN:1007-0958
China Metallurgy ISSN:1006-9356 China Metrology ISSN:1006-9364
China Military Science ISSN:1002-4492 China Mine Engineering ISSN:1672-609X
China Mining Magazine ISSN:1004-4051 China Modern Doctor ISSN:1673-9701
China Modern Educational Equipment ISSN:1672-1438 China Modern Medical & Clinical ISSN:1812-5859
China Molybdenum Industry ISSN:1006-2602 China Money ISSN:1671-4180
China Monthly Economic Indicators ISSN:1009-3834 China Multi-media Video Communicatios ISSN:1726-6408
China Municipal Engineering ISSN:1004-4655 China Music Education ISSN:1003-1138
China Muslim ISSN:1004-3578 China National Conditions and Strength ISSN:1004-2008
China Nationalities Education ISSN:1002-5952 CHINA NATURE ISSN:0255-7800
China New Medicine ISSN:1726-9393 China New Packaging ISSN:1005-8087
China New Technologies and Products ISSN:1673-9957 China New Telecommunications ISSN:1673-4866
China New Time ISSN:1671-8399 China Newspaper Industry ISSN:1671-0029
China Newsweek ISSN:1009-8259 China Nonferrous Metallurgy ISSN:1672-6103
China Nonferrous Metals ISSN:1002-0675 China Nonferrous Metals ISSN: 1673-3894
China Nonferrous Metals Monthly ISSN:1005-1562 China Non-metallic Mining Industry Herald ISSN:1007-9386
China Notary ISSN:1617-217X China Nuclear Science and Technology Report ISSN:1671-7430
China Numismatics ISSN:1001-8638 China Occupational Medicine ISSN:1000-6486
China Occupational Safety and Health Management Sy ISSN:1671-4245 China Ocean Engineering ISSN:0890-5487
China Ocean Shipping Monthly ISSN:1006-4265 China Offshore Oil and Gas ISSN:1673-1506
China Offshore Oil and Gas(Engineering ISSN:1001-7682 China Offshore Oil and Gas(Geology) ISSN:1001-9308
China Offshore Platform ISSN:1001-4500 China Oil & Gas ISSN:1006-2696
China Oil Painting ISSN:1005-6920 China Oils and Fats ISSN:1003-7969
China Oncology ISSN:1007-3639 China Opening Herald ISSN:1004-6623
China Packaging ISSN:1003-062X China Packaging Industry ISSN:1006-4621
China Paint ISSN:1006-2556 China Paper Newsletter ISSN:1006-8791
China Particuology ISSN:1672-2515 China Pen Calligraphy Press ISSN:1007-2942
China Pen Calligraphy Press ISSN:1007-2942 China Personal Protection Equipment ISSN:1671-0312
China Petrochem ISSN:1009-1718 China Petrochem ISSN:1671-7708
China Petrochemical Abstracts ISSN:1004-8944 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry ISSN:1008-1852
China Petroleum and Chemical Industry ISSN:1005-457X China Petroleum and Chemical Standard and Quality ISSN:1673-4076
China Petroleum Enterprise ISSN:1672-4267 China Petroleum Exploration ISSN:1672-7703
China Petroleum Machinery ISSN:1001-4578 China Petroleum Processing and Petrochemical Technology ISSN:1008-6234
China Pharmaceuticals ISSN:1006-4931 China Pharmacist ISSN:1008-049X
China Pharmacy ISSN:1001-0408 China Philately ISSN:1002-6789
China Place Name ISSN:1002-7793 China Plant Engineering ISSN:1671-0711
China Plant Protection ISSN:1672-6820 China Plastics ISSN:1001-9278
China Plastics Industry ISSN:1005-5770 China Plastics Information ISSN:1562-904X
China Population Resources and Environment ISSN:1002-2104 China Population Today ISSN:1003-4595
China Ports ISSN:1006-124X China Post ISSN:1002-2287
China Postgraduates ISSN:1671-9042 China Poultry ISSN:1004-6364
China Powder Science and Technology ISSN:1008-5548 China Power Enterprise Management ISSN:1007-3361
China Practical Medical ISSN:1673-7555 China Prefecture and Town Newspaperman ISSN:1007-4643
China Prescription Drug ISSN:1671-945X China Preventive Medicine ISSN:1009-6639
China Price ISSN:1003-398X China Print ISSN:1000-663X
China Printing Materials Market ISSN:1007-516 CHINA PRIVATE ECONOMY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY ISSN:1007-3280
China Profiles ISSN:1005-2151 China Property Management ISSN:1671-0991
China Public Security ISSN:1672-2396 China Public Security ISSN:1672-2396
China Public Security ISSN:1672-2396 China Publishing Journal ISSN:1002-4166
China Pulp & Paper ISSN:0254-508X China Pulp & Paper Industry ISSN:1007-9211
China Qigong Science ISSN:1005-2569 China Quality ISSN:1007-2713
China Quality and Brand ISSN:1672-7509 China Quality Supervision ISSN:1008-1607
China Radio ISSN:1672-7797 China Radio & TV Academic Journal ISSN:1002-8552
China Radio Management ISSN:1001-6317 China Railway Science ISSN:1001-4632
China Rare Earth Information ISSN: China Real Estate ISSN:1001-9138
China Real Estate Finance ISSN:1006-7388 China Real Estate Market ISSN:1006-7078
China Reflexology Journal ISSN:1004-6569 China Reform ISSN:1005-2100
China Report ISSN:1009-9344 China Research of Scientific Education and Explora ISSN:1727-7388
China Resources Comprehensive Utilization ISSN:1008-9500 China Rice ISSN:1006-8082
China Road Transport ISSN:1006-3633 China Ropeway ISSN:1009-685X
China Rubber ISSN:1009-5640 China Rubber Industry ISSN:1000-890X
China Rubber/Plastics Technology & Equipment ISSN:1009-797X China Rural Science & Technology ISSN:1005-9768
China Rural Survey ISSN:1006-4583 China Rural Water and Hydropower ISSN:1007-2284
China Safety Science Journal ISSN:1003-3033 China Scholars Abroad ISSN:1002-6738
China School Physical Education ISSN:1004-7662 China Science & Technology Pictorial ISSN:1007-3779
China Science & Technology Resources Review ISSN:1674-1544 China Science and Technology Achievements ISSN:1009-5659
China Science and Technology Information ISSN:1001-8972 China Science Education ISSN:1811-2153
China Screen ISSN:0578-1922 China Security & Protection ISSN:1673-7873
China Security Protection Certification ISSN:1672-1470 China Security Service ISSN:1005-233X
China Seed Industry ISSN:1671-895X China Sericulture ISSN:1007-0982
China Ship Survey ISSN:1009-2005 China Shipbuilding Industry ISSN:1671-9360
China Shipping Gazette ISSN:1006-2149 China Shiprepair ISSN:1001-8328
China Small Medium Enterprises ISSN:1005-8400 China Social Security ISSN:1008-4304
China Social Welfare ISSN:1009-7724 China Society Periodical ISSN:1007-2128
China Soft Science ISSN:1002-9753 China Sport Science ISSN:1000-677X
China Sport Science and Technology ISSN:1002-9826 China Sports ISSN:0577-8948
China Sports Coaches ISSN:1006-8732 China Staff Education ISSN:1005-7773
China Standardization ISSN:1002-5944 China Standardization ISSN:1672-5700
China Standards Review ISSN:1004-1575 China State Farms ISSN:0529-6382
China State Farms Economy ISSN:1007-8401 China State Finance ISSN:007-578X
China Statistics ISSN:1002-4557 China Steel ISSN:1672-5115
China Steel Yearbook ISSN:1003-9368 China Storage & Transport ISSN:1005-0434
China Surface Engineering ISSN:1007-9289 China Surfactant Detergent & Cosmetics ISSN:1001-1803
CHINA SURFACTANT SOAP AND DETERGENT INDUSTRIES ISSN:1672-2701 China Surveying and Mapping ISSN:1005-6831
China Swine Industry ISSN:1673-4645 China Synthetic Fiber Industry ISSN:1001-0041
China Synthetic Resin and Plastics ISSN:1002-1396 China Synthetic Rubber Industry ISSN:1000-1255
China Taoism ISSN:1006-9593 China Taxation ISSN:1003-4471
China Tea ISSN:1000-3150 China Tea Processing ISSN:
China Telecommunication Trade ISSN:1671-3060 China Television ISSN:1002-4751
China Tendering ISSN:1004-2415 China Terminology ISSN:1673-8578
China Territory Today ISSN:1671-9158 China Textile ISSN:1673-1468
China Textile ISSN:0529-6013 China Textile Economy ISSN:1006-5172
China Textile Leader ISSN:1003-3025 China this Week in Consumer Electronics ISSN:1673-7733
China Three Gorges Construction ISSN:1006-6349 China Tibetology ISSN:1002-557X
China Tibetology ISSN:1671-6043 China Tire Resources Recycling ISSN:1672-1845
China Today ISSN:1005-958X China Today ISSN:1003-0905
China Top Brands ISSN:1004-9525 China Township Enterprises ISSN:1002-4905
China Trademark ISSN:1006-7531 China Trial ISSN:1673-5498
China Tropical Medicine ISSN:1009-9727 China Tungsten Industry ISSN:1009-0622
China Twice Week in Consumer Electronics ISSN:1672-1594 China University Students Career Guide ISSN:1009-0576
China University Teaching ISSN:1005-0450 China Urban Economy ISSN:1008-9721
China Urban Finance ISSN:1003-1014 China Vegetables ISSN:1000-6346
China Venture Capital & High-Tech ISSN:1671-4334 China Venture Capital Journal ISSN:1609-9184
China Volleyball ISSN:1002-8722 China Water & Wastewater ISSN:1000-4602
China Water Resources ISSN:1000-1123 China Water Transport ISSN:1006-7973
China Water Transport ISSN:1006-7973 China Water Transport ISSN:1006-7973
China Water Transport ISSN:1006-7973 China Watermelon and Muskmelon ISSN:1004-6666
China Week ISSN:1671-3117 China Welding ISSN:1004-5341
China Well and Rock Salt ISSN:1001-0335 China Winter Sports ISSN:1002-3488
China Wireless Communications ISSN:1025-7004 China Wood Industry ISSN:1001-8654
China Wood-Based Panels ISSN:1673-5064 China Worker ISSN:1004-8952
China Writing Instruments ISSN:1001-7860 China WTO Tribune ISSN:1672-1160
China Xiaokang ISSN:1672-4879 China Yak ISSN:
China Youth ISSN:1002-9532 China Youth Science and Technology ISSN:1004-1397
China Youth Study ISSN:1002-9931 China‘s External Trade Indices Monthly ISSN:1673-0488
China’s Naturopathy ISSN:1007-5798 China-Asean Exposition ISSN:1673-0380
China's Armed Police ISSN:1007-4228 China's Borderland History and Geography Studies ISSN:1002-6800
China's Fiber Crops ISSN:1000-6338 China's Foreign Trade ISSN:1000-954X
China's Foreign Trade ISSN:0009-4498 China's Labor Protection ISSN:1673-0879
China's Manganese Industry ISSN:1002-4336 China's Refractories ISSN:1004-4493
China's Talents ISSN:1001-0688 China's Tertiary Industry ISSN:1005-8494
China's Tibet ISSN:1002-9591 China's Tibet ISSN:1002-0950
China's TU Nationality ISSN:1009-8674 China's Underdeveloped Regions ISSN:1006-4001
China-today Forum ISSN:1673-0526 China-USA Business Review ISSN:1537-1514
Chines Journal of Dlabetes Mellitus ISSN:1674-5809 Chinese & Foreign Corporate Culture ISSN:1006-6462
Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion ISSN:0255-2930 Chinese Agricultural Accounting ISSN:1003-9759
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Chinese Teaching in the World ISSN:1002-5804 Chinese Theatre ISSN:1001-8018
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Chlor-Alkali Industry ISSN:1008-133X Chongqing Administration ISSN:1008-4029
Chongqing Architecture ISSN:1671-9107 Chongqing Environmental Science ISSN:1001-2141
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Chongqing Today ISSN:1009-6787 Chongqing Yearbook ISSN:1004-8383
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chui ban shi liao ISSN:1672-2299 Chunqiu Birmonthly ISSN:1672-5794
Chuzhongsheng Youxiu Zuowen ISSN:1008-5165 Cinematic Creation ISSN:0275-0173
Cities and Towns Construction in Guangxi ISSN:1672-7045 Citizen ISSN:1672-8696
Citizens and the law ISSN:1006-7590 City ISSN:1007-7790
City ISSN:1005-278X City and Disaster Reduction ISSN:1671-0495
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Class Adviser ISSN:1003-823X Classics ISSN:1006-026X
Clean Coal Technology ISSN:1006-6772 Cleaning Technology ISSN:1672-2248
Cleaning World ISSN:1671-8909 Climatic and Environmental Research ISSN:1006-9585
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Clinical Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1672-7134 Clinical Medication Journal ISSN:1672-3384
Clinical Medicine ISSN:1003-3548 Clinical Medicine of China ISSN:1008-6315
Clinical Misdiagnosis & Mistherapy ISSN:1002-3429 Close Friends ISSN:1004-728X
CNC Machine Tool Market ISSN:1993-9256 Coal ISSN:1005-2798
Coal Ash China ISSN:1007-046X Coal Chemical Industry ISSN:1005-9598
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Coal Mine Blasting ISSN: Coal Mine Machinery ISSN:1003-0794
Coal Mine Modernization ISSN:1009-0797 Coal Mining Technology ISSN:1006-6225
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Coatings Technology & Abstracts ISSN:1672-2418 Collected Essays on Finance and Economics ISSN:1004-4892
Collected Papers of History Studies ISSN:0559-8095 Collection of Women's Studies ISSN:1004-2563
Collection World ISSN:1671-5055 Collection.Auction ISSN:1672-6928
Collections ISSN:1005-3964 Collectors ISSN:1005-0655
College English ISSN:1000-0445 College Entrance Examination ISSN:1673-6265
College Mathematics ISSN:1672-1454 College Physics ISSN:1000-0712
College Times ISSN:1671-6566 College Times ISSN:1671-6566
Colliery Mechanical & Electrical Technology ISSN:1001-0874 Colorfulness ISSN:1005-0914
Comedy World ISSN:1003-4676 Comfortable life ISSN:1005-832X
Comic of Science and Technology ISSN:1002-7661 Command Control & Simulation ISSN:1673-3819
Commercial Accounting ISSN:1002-5812 Commercial and trading economics ISSN:1009-752X
Commercial Economics Review ISSN:1671-6728 Commercial Research ISSN:1001-148X
Commercial Times ISSN:1002-5863 Commercial Vehicle ISSN:1009-4903
Communication & Information Technology ISSN:1672-0164 Communication of Finance and Accounting ISSN:1002-8072
Communication of Vocational Education ISSN:1672-7401 Communication on applied mathematics and computation ISSN:1006-6330
Communications in Nonlinear Science & Numerical Si ISSN:1007-5704 Communications in Theoretical Physics ISSN:0253-6102
Communications Management and Technology ISSN:1672-6200 Communications Science and Technology Heilongjiang ISSN:1008-3383
Communications Standardization ISSN:1002-4786 Communications Technology ISSN:1002-0802
Communications Today ISSN:1672-1225 Communications Today ISSN:1000-6559
Communications World ISSN:1009-1564 Communications World ISSN:1009-1564
Community ISSN:1671-0967 Companion ISSN:1003-4935
Comparative Economic and Social Systems ISSN:1003-3947 Comparative Education Review ISSN:1003-7667
Comparative Literature in China ISSN:1006-6101 Complex Systems and Complexity Science ISSN:1672-3813
Composition ISSN:1005-5231 Comprehensive Reading for Students ISSN:1008-3057
Comprehensive Transportation ISSN:1000-713X Compressor Technology ISSN:1006-2971
Compressor,Blower & Fan Technology ISSN:1006-8155 Computer & Telecommunication ISSN:1008-6609
Computer Aided Drafting,Design and Manufacturing ISSN:1003-4951 Computer Aided Engineering ISSN:1006-0871
Computer and Communications ISSN:1000-8837 Computer and Digital Engineering ISSN:1672-9722
Computer and Information Technology ISSN:1005-1228 Computer and Modernization ISSN:1006-2475
Computer and Peripherals ISSN:1671-7457 Computer Applications and Software ISSN:1000-386X
Computer Development & Applications ISSN:1003-5850 Computer Engineering ISSN:1000-3428
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Computer Fan ISSN:1005-0043 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems ISSN:1006-5911
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Computer Knowledge and Technology ISSN:1009-3044 Computer Magazine ISSN:1002-9613
Computer Master ISSN:1009-7007 Computer Measurement & Control ISSN:1671-4598
Computer Programming Skills & Maintenance ISSN:1006-4052 Computer Science ISSN:1002-137X
Computer Simulation ISSN:1006-9348 Computer Study ISSN:1002-2422
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Computer-Assisted Foreign Language Education in China ISSN:1001-5795 Computerized Tomography Theory and Applications ISSN:1004-4140
Computers and Applied Chemistry ISSN:1001-4160 Computing Techniques for Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration ISSN:1001-1749
Computing Technology and Automation ISSN:1003-6199 Concrete ISSN:1002-3550
Confucius Studies ISSN:1002-2627 Conservation and Utilization of Mineral Resources ISSN:1001-0076
Construction & Design for Project ISSN:1007-9467 Construction And Budget ISSN:1673-0402
Construction Conserves Energy ISSN:1673-7237 Construction Cost Management ISSN:1008-2166
Construction Economy ISSN:1002-851X Construction Enterprise Management ISSN:1001-9251
Construction Machinery ISSN:1001-554X Construction Machinery ISSN:1001-554X
Construction Machinery & Maintenance ISSN:1006-2114 Construction Machinery and Equipment ISSN:1000-1212
Construction Machinery Technology & Management ISSN:1004-0005 Construction Machinery Today ISSN:1671-9018
Construction Management Modernization ISSN:1001-019X Construction Materials & Decoration ISSN:1673-0038
Construction Mechanization ISSN:1001-1366 Construction Safety ISSN:1004-552X
Construction Science and Technology ISSN:1671-3915 Construction Technology ISSN:1002-8498
Consume Guide ISSN:1672-5719 Consumer Economics ISSN:1007-5682
Consumer Report Magazine ISSN:1002-7882 Consumption ISSN:1671-7732
Containerization ISSN:1005-5339 Contamination Control & Air-Conditioning Technology ISSN:1005-3298
Contempoary Farm Machinery ISSN:1673-632X Contemporary Medicine Sanitation ISSN:1726-0124
Contemporary Animal Husbandry ISSN:1002-2996 Contemporary art ISSN:1009-5233
Contemporary Celebrities ISSN:1005-3786 Contemporary Chemical Industry ISSN:1671-0460
Contemporary China History Studies ISSN:1005-4952 Contemporary Cinema ISSN:1002-4646
Contemporary Communications ISSN:1009-5322 Contemporary Eco-Agri Culture ISSN:1672-8807
Contemporary Economic & Management ISSN:1673-0461 Contemporary Economic Research ISSN:1005-2674
Contemporary Economics ISSN:1007-9378 Contemporary Economy of Japan ISSN:1000-355X
Contemporary Educational Science ISSN:1672-2221 Contemporary Finace & Accounting ISSN:1004-0803
Contemporary Finance ISSN:1008-5262 Contemporary Finance & Economics ISSN:1005-0892
Contemporary Foreign Literature ISSN:1001-1757 Contemporary Internal Relations ISSN:1000-6192
Contemporary International Relations ISSN:1003-3408 Contemporary Korea ISSN:1007-483X
Contemporary Law Review ISSN:1003-4781 Contemporary Linguistics ISSN:1007-8274
Contemporary Manager ISSN:1672-8149 Contemporary Military Digest ISSN:1672-7886
Contemporary Short Stories ISSN:1000-7946 Contemporary Students ISSN:1006-205X
Contemporary Theatre ISSN:1002-171X Contemporary TV ISSN:1000-8977
Contemporary TVU ISSN:1006-0685 Contemporary Worker ISSN:1003-8051
Contemporary World & Socialism ISSN:1005-6505 Contemporary Writers Review ISSN:1002-1809
Contemporary Young Research ISSN:1006-1789 Contemporvry Chinese History ISSN:1001-2621
Continental Dynamics ISSN:1006-7825 Continue Education Reseach ISSN:1009-4156
Continuing Education ISSN:1006-9720 Continuing Medical Education ISSN:1004-6763
Continuous Casting ISSN:1005-4006 Contributions to Geology and Mineral Resources Research ISSN:1001-1412
Control & Automation ISSN:1008-0570 Control and Decision ISSN:1001-0920
Control and Instruments in Chemical Industry ISSN:1000-3932 Control Engineering of China ISSN:1671-7848
Control Technology of Tactical Missile ISSN:1009-1300 Control Theory & Applications ISSN:1000-8152
Convential clinical equipment ISSN:1684-9523 Converter Technology & Electric Traction ISSN:1671-8410
CO-Oerativeconomy & Science ISSN:1672-190X Cooking Knowledge ISSN:1004-5783
Copper Engineering ISSN:1009-3842 Copyright ISSN:1002-1744
Corporate Culture ISSN:1003-5400 Corporate Finance ISSN:1672-0377
Corporation Research ISSN:1671-8119 Corrosion & Protection in Petrochemical Industry ISSN:1007-015X
Corrosion and Protection ISSN:1005-748X Corrosion Science and Protection Technology ISSN:1002-6495
Corrugated Carton Marthel ISSN:1672-4380 Cotton Science ISSN:1002-7807
Cotton Textile Technology ISSN:1001-7415 Country Agriculture Farmer ISSN:1003-6261
Country Agriculture Farmer ISSN:1003-6261 Countryside Agriculture Peasantry ISSN:1003-6261
Countryside Agriculture Peasantry ISSN:1003-6261 Couplet Folk Story on Couplet ISSN:1004-1427
Creation ISSN:1007-3876 Creation ISSN:1004-9797
Criminal Research ISSN:1671-1130 Criticism and Creation ISSN:1005-068X
Crop Research ISSN:1001-5280 Crops ISSN:1001-7283
Cross Century ISSN:1005-1074 Crustal Deformation and Earthquake ISSN:1003-4137
Cryogenic Technology ISSN:1009-9425 Cryogenics ISSN:1000-6516
Cryogenics and Superconductivity ISSN:1001-7100 Cuckoo Flower ISSN:1006-2319
Cuide to Business ISSN:1001-8387 Cuide to Business ISSN:1671-1599
Cuisine Journal of Yangzhou University ISSN:1009-4717 Cultural Dialogue ISSN:1004-1036
Cultural in Barracks ISSN:1006-4680 Cultural Relics ISSN:0511-4772
Cultural Relics of Central China ISSN:1003-1731 Culture & Art of China ISSN:1007-8932
Culture and History Vision ISSN:1672-8653 Culture Journal ISSN:1673-7725
Culture Relics Worlds ISSN:1000-0194 Culture Spacetime ISSN:1671-6299
Culture Vision ISSN:1673-6303 Culture with Planting ISSN:1008-2239
Current Construction ISSN:1006-0723 Current Fisheries ISSN:1005-636X
Current Immunololgy ISSN:1001-2478 Current Poems ISSN:1000-6117
Current Zoology ISSN:1674-5507 Curriculum,Teaching Material and Method ISSN:1000-0186
Customs and World Market ISSN:1009-5284 Cutting Edge Education ISSN:1673-1875
Cyberspace ISSN:1008-0015