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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Table Delicacies ISSN:1005-0345 Table Tennis ISSN:1000-3452
Tai Sheng ISSN:1002-9788 Taihu ISSN:1672-5891
Taiwan Agricultural Research ISSN:1673-5617 Taiwan Hongkong and Overseas Chinese Literature ISSN:1006-0677
Taiwan Research Quarterly ISSN:1002-1590 Taiyuan Science and Technology ISSN:1006-4877
Talent Exploitation ISSN:1000-7628 Talents ISSN:1007-7391
Talents of the Century ISSN:1006-6322 Tangdu Journal ISSN:1001-0300
Tank & Armoured Vehicle ISSN:1001-8778 Tax and Enterprise ISSN:1005-3441
Tax Science and Technology ISSN:1671-7190 Taxation and Economy ISSN:1004-9339
Taxation and Society ISSN:1005-4146 Taxation Research Journal ISSN:1003-448X
Taxcollection Magazine ISSN:1672-206X Tea Communication ISSN:1009-525X
Tea in Fujian ISSN:1005-2291 Tea Science and Technology ISSN:1007-4872
Tea Times ISSN:1004-9223 Tea World ISSN:
Teach Yourself English ISSN:1004-5120 Teacher Doctrines ISSN:1672-2655
Teacher Education ISSN:1005-5991 Teacher Education Research ISSN:1672-5905
Teacher in Charge of Class ISSN:1002-560X Teacher's Journal ISSN:1672-2051
Teaching & Learning of Physical Education ISSN:1005-2410 Teaching and Learning in Secondary School ISSN:1009-9387
Teaching and Learning Reference For Middle School ISSN:1002-2201 Teaching and Research ISSN:0257-2826
Teaching Cases of New Course ISSN:1672-0407 Teaching Instruments and Experiments ISSN:1003-3416
Teaching Matemals and Teaching in Schools ISSN:1009-4636 Teaching of Forestry Region ISSN:1008-6714
Teaching Reference of Middle School Geography ISSN:1002-2163 Teaching Reference of Middle School Politics ISSN:1002-2147
Teaching Research for Primary and Middle Schools ISSN: Teahouse Tale Monthly ISSN:1006-0286
Technical Acoustics ISSN:1000-3630 Technical Advisor for Animal Husbandry ISSN:1673-1921
Technical Economy ISSN:1002-980X Technical Physics Teaching ISSN:1005-9555
Technical Supervision in Water Resources ISSN:1008-1305 Technical Textiles ISSN:1004-7093
Techniques of Automation and Applications ISSN:1003-7241 Technoeconomics & Management Research ISSN:1004-292X
Techno-Economics in Petrochemicals ISSN:1007-6476 Technological Development of Enterprise ISSN:1006-8937
Technologies and Industries on Both Sides of the Straits ISSN:1006-3013 Technology & Development of Chemical Industry ISSN:1671-9905
Technology & Economy in Areas of Communications ISSN:1008-5696 Technology and Economy Information of Shipbuilding ISSN:1001-9065
Technology and Innovation Management ISSN:1672-7312 Technology and Market ISSN:1006-8554
Technology and Market ISSN:1006-8554 Technology Development and Trade Opportunities ISSN:1006-8473
Technology for Earthquake Disaster Prevention ISSN:1673-5722 Technology for Electric Locomotives ISSN:1007-0656
Technology for Overhauling Electrical Home Appliances ISSN:1007-8673 Technology Foundation of National Defence ISSN:1671-0177
TECHNOLOGY OF ELECTRIC MACHINE AND APPLIANCE ISSN:1004-0056 Technology of Equipment Maintenance ISSN:1005-2917
Technology of Highway and Transport ISSN:1009-6477 Technology of Soil and Water Conservation ISSN:1673-5366
Technology of Water Treatment ISSN:1000-3770 Technology Supervision in Petroleum Industry ISSN:1004-1346
Technology Wind ISSN:1671-7341 Teenage Schoolmates ISSN:1004-4981
Teenager Literature ISSN:1007-3892 Teenagers ISSN:1009-9514
Teenagers Digest ISSN:1009-9301 Teenagers in China & Abroad ISSN:1002-6266
Teenager's World ISSN:1005-8958 Telecom Engineering Technics and Standardization ISSN:1008-5599
Telecom Market ISSN:1006-6675 Telecom Power Technologies ISSN:1009-3664
Telecom World ISSN:1006-4222 Telecommunication Construction ISSN:1009-9336
Telecommunication Engineering ISSN:1001-893X Telecommunications for Electric Power System ISSN:1005-7641
Telecommunications Information ISSN:1006-1339 Telecommunications Network Technology ISSN:1008-9217
Telecommunications Science ISSN:1000-0801 Telecommunications Technology ISSN:1000-1247
Television Caption Effects Animation ISSN:1673-5218 Tennis Magazine ISSN:1672-4682
Tennis World ISSN:1006-2300 Terminology Standardization and Information Technology ISSN:1007-2489
Territorial Economy ISSN:1003-8000 Territory & Natural Resources Study ISSN:1003-7853
Test Technology and Testing Mechine ISSN:1673-4459 Textile Accessories ISSN:1001-9634
Textile Accounting ISSN:1005-6904 Textile and quality standards ISSN:1003-0611
Textile Auxiliaries ISSN:1004-0439 Textile Dyeing and Finishing Journal ISSN:1005-9350
TEXTILE EDUCATION ISSN:1000-615X Textile Information Weekly ISSN:1009-0770
Textile Machinery ISSN:1003-2290 Textile Research Lands ISSN:1005-7617
Textile Science Research ISSN:1003-1308 Textile Technology Overseas ISSN:1007-6840
The Administration and Technique of Environmental Monitoring ISSN:1006-2009 The Agricultural Development and Finance ISSN:1006-690X
The Architect ISSN:1001-6740 The Arithmetic Teacher ISSN:1006-1606
The Art and Crafts of Zhejiang Province ISSN:1008-2131 The Beijing Federation of Trade Unions College Jou ISSN:1009-3648
The Beverage Industry ISSN:1007-7871 The Border Economy and Culture ISSN:1672-5409
The cadres and party members talents ISSN:1006-5903 The Chinese Academic Medical Magazine of Organisms ISSN:671-2846
The Chinese Banker ISSN:1671-1238 The Chinese Certified Public Accountant ISSN:1009-6345
The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology ISSN:1673-1441 The Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds & Surface Ulcers ISSN:1001-0726
The Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology ISSN:1001-6821 The Chinese Journal of Dermatovenereology ISSN:1001-7089
The Chinese Journal of Geological Hazard and Control ISSN:1003-8035 The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality ISSN:1672-1993
The Chinese Journal of Modern Applied Pharmacy ISSN:1007-7693 The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals ISSN:1004-0609
The Chinese Journal of Process Engineering ISSN:1009-606X The Chinese Language Monthly ISSN:1005-7781
The Chinese Livestock and Poultry Breeding ISSN:1673-4556 The Contemporaries ISSN:1005-0981
The Contemporary World ISSN:1006-4206 The Culture of Buddhism ISSN:1004-2881
The Earth ISSN:1000-405X The East China Sea ISSN:1001-6082
The Education of Music ISSN:1002-7580 The Elderly ISSN:1007-2616
The Family Doctor ISSN:1004-6348 The Food Industry ISSN: 1004-471X
The Freind of Leaders ISSN:1671-198X The Friend of the Head(Financial Observation ISSN:1002-8129
The Global Seabuckthorn Research and Development ISSN:1672-4836 The Globao Observer ISSN:1008-0325
The Health of Sole Child of Family ISSN:1005-1171 The Home of Township Enterprises ISSN:1003-1847
The Inservice Education and Training of School Tea ISSN:1005-1058 The Journal of Cervicodynia & Lumbodynia ISSN:1005-7234
The Journal of China Universities of Posts and Telecommunications ISSN:1005-8885 The Journal of Chinese Social and Economic History ISSN:1000-422X
The Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology ISSN:1004-5805 The Journal of Clinical Pediatrics ISSN:1000-3606
The Journal of Fujian Institute of Political Science & Law ISSN:1009-9093 The Journal of Harbin Committee School of The CCP ISSN:1008-8520
The Journal of Hebei Forestry Science and Technology ISSN:1002-3356 The Journal of Humanities ISSN:0447-662X
The Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute ISSN:1009-8860 The Journal of Medical Theory and Practice ISSN:1001-7585
The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies ISSN:1004-3330 The Journal of Neonatology ISSN:1002-1213
The Journal of Practical Medicine ISSN:1006-5725 The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics ISSN:1000-3894
The Journal of Shanghai Administration Institute ISSN:1009-3176 The Journal of Studies of China's Resistance War Against Japan ISSN:1002-9575
The Journal of The American Medical Association Chinese Edition ISSN:1000-824X The Journal of the American Medical Association(Ch ISSN:1000-842X
The Journal of the Chinese Antituberculosis Association ISSN:1000-6621 The Journal of The Library Science in China ISSN:1001-8867
The Journal of the Library Science in Jiangxi ISSN:1003-725X The Journal of the Party School of CPC Jinan Munic ISSN:1008-3189
The Journal of The Party School of CPC Shenyang Mu ISSN:1008-4908 The Journal of Traditional Chinese Orthopedics and Traumatology ISSN:1001-6015
The Journal of UFO Research ISSN:1001-7674 The Journal of World Economy ISSN:1002-9621
The Knowledge of Classical Literature ISSN:1006-9917 The Knowledge of English ISSN:1003-3351
The Knowledge of Japanese Language ISSN:1002-5243 The Language Teacher's Friend ISSN:1004-0498
The Language Teacher's Friend ISSN:1004-0498 The Language Teacher's Friend ISSN:1004-0498
The Languge Theacher's Friend ISSN:1003-3963 The Library Journal of Henan ISSN:1003-1588
The Light & Textile Industries of Fujian ISSN:1007-550X The Magazine of Wu Dang ISSN:1004-5821
The Marketing of Cotton and Jute of China ISSN: The Medical Journal of Industrial Enterprise ISSN:1001-814X
The Medicine Magazine of China ISSN:1684-5846 The Merchandise and Quality ISSN:1006-656X
The New Generation ISSN:1003-2851 The New Orient ISSN:1004-700X
The New Voice of Yue-Fu-The Academic Periodical of Shenyang Conservatory of Music ISSN:1001-5736 The Northern Forum ISSN:1000-3541
The Nursing Magazine of China ISSN:1729-2190 The Ocean Engineering ISSN:1005-9865
The PLA Life ISSN:1002-4654 The Planning and Market ISSN:1005-5851
The Poem Waving ISSN:1003-5583 The Primary School Language Teaching ISSN:1004-6720
The Red Lands ISSN:1673-0682 The Religious Cultures in the World ISSN:1007-6255
The Research Journal Of China Educational Developm ISSN:1810-7117 The Road to Success ISSN:1008-3561
The rule of law Guide ISSN:1007-3787 The rule of law in life ISSN:1008-1844
The Science and Technology of Gelatin ISSN:1004-9657 The Science for Juvenile ISSN:1004-0080
The Second Class of Guangdong ISSN:1005-1430 The Second Class of Guangdong ISSN:1005-1430
The Selected Works of Taiwan Hongkong Literature ISSN:1002-753X The Shan Xi Province Educates ISSN:1004-6739
The Silk Road ISSN:1005-3115 The South of China Today ISSN:1673-1190
The Stars ISSN:1003-9678 The Teaching of Politics ISSN:1673-0674
The Teaching of Thought and Political Study ISSN:1002-588X The Theory and Practice of Finance and Economics ISSN:1003-7217
The Traditional Chinese Fiction ISSN:1002-7548 The Twenty-First Century ISSN:1005-2984
The United Front of Henan ISSN:1004-9126 The Video-Audio Circle ISSN:1004-5171
The Voice of Dharma ISSN:1004-2636 The Western Regions Studies ISSN:1002-4743
The World of Network Members ISSN:1006-5970 The World and Chongqing ISSN:1007-7111
The world of legal system ISSN:1003-3173 The World of Chinese Literature ISSN:1005-3779
The World of Chinese Literature ISSN:1005-3778 The World of Chinese Literature ISSN:1005-3778
The World of Chinese Literature ISSN:1005-3778 The World of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy ISSN:1006-0669
The World of Economy and Trade ISSN:1004-650X The World of English ISSN:1003-2304
The World of Enterprise ISSN:1671-0363 THE WORLD OF INVERTERS ISSN:1561-0330
The World of Middle School Students ISSN:1004-4906 The World of Music ISSN:1003-4218
The world of natioal art ISSN:1003-2584 the world of power supply ISSN:1561-0349
The World of Survey and Research ISSN:1004-7794 The World of Weiqi ISSN:1002-8706
The Yangtze River;A Journal of Poetry ISSN:1009-542X THE YEARBOOK OF CHINA‘S CITIES ISSN:1006-9224
THE YEARBOOK OF WORLD EOONOMY ISSN:1007-0052 The Youth Writers ISSN:1002-2139
Theatre Arts ISSN:0257-943X Theoratical Horizon ISSN:1008-1747
Theoretical economics ISSN:1005-4286 Theoretical Exploration ISSN:1004-4175
Theoretical Front in Higher Education ISSN:1002-4409 Theoretical Investigation ISSN:1000-8594
Theoretical Platform of Tibetan Developement ISSN:1673-2669 Theoretical Research ISSN:1672-5573
Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art ISSN:0257-0254 Theoretical Studies on PLA Political Work ISSN:1009-346X
Theory & Practice of Trade Unions ISSN:1004-9096 Theory and Contemporary ISSN:1673-1956
Theory and Criticism of Literature and Art ISSN:1002-9583 Theory and Modernization ISSN:1003-1502
Theory and practice ISSN:1003-6024 Theory and Practice of Chinese Medicine ISSN:1606-5115
Theory and Practice of Education ISSN:1004-633X Theory and Practice of Higher Education in Buildin ISSN:1671-606X
Theory and Practice of Sezs ISSN:1003-997X Theory and Reform ISSN:1006-7426
Theory Front ISSN:1007-1962 Theory horizon ISSN:1003-6547
Theory Journal ISSN:1002-3909 Theory Monthly ISSN:1004-0544
Theory Observe ISSN:1009-2234 Theory Research ISSN:1007-4767
Theory Studying and Exploration ISSN:1006-8279 Thermal Power Generation ISSN:1002-3364
Thermal Turbine ISSN:1672-5549 Thermosetting Resin ISSN:1002-7432
Think Tank ISSN:1001-828X think tank of science technology ISSN:1006-3676
Thinking ISSN:1001-778X Thinking and Wisdom ISSN:1006-3587
Tianfu New Idea ISSN:1004-0633 Tianjin Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1006-6500
Tianjin Auto ISSN:1007-3620 Tianjin Chemical Industry ISSN:1008-1267
Tianjin Communications Technology ISSN:1006-7442 Tianjin Construction Science and Technology ISSN:1008-3197
Tianjin Economy ISSN:1006-8570 Tianjin Education ISSN:0493-2099
Tianjin Fisheries ISSN: Tianjin Journal of Nursing ISSN:1006-9143
Tianjin Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1672-1519 Tianjin Library Journal ISSN:1005-8753
Tianjin Medical Journal ISSN:0253-9896 Tianjin Metallurgy ISSN:1006-110X
Tianjin of Navigation ISSN:1005-9660 Tianjin Paper Making ISSN:
Tianjin Pharmacy ISSN:1006-5687 Tianjin Philately ISSN:1005-7366
TIANJIN RENDA ISSN: Tianjin Science & Technology ISSN:1006-8945
Tianjin Social Sciences ISSN:1002-3976 Tianjin Textile Science & Technology ISSN:
Tibet Education ISSN:1004-5880 Tibet Geology ISSN:1004-1893
Tibet Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1005-2925 Tibet Tour ISSN:1005-2526
Tibetan Art Studies ISSN:1004-6860 Tibetan Folklore ISSN:1005-4960
Tibetan Journal of Medicine ISSN:1005-5177 Tibetan Literature ISSN:1004-1435
Tibetan Studies ISSN:1000-0003 Tibet's Science & Technology ISSN:1004-3403
Time & Frequency Bulletin ISSN:1001-1811 Time Architecture ISSN:1005-684X
Time Education ISSN:1672-8181 Times Figure ISSN:1674-0645
Times Finance ISSN:1672-8661 Tire Industry ISSN:1006-8171
Tissue Paper & Disposable Products ISSN:1009-9069 Titanium Industry Progress ISSN:1009-9964
TIYU SHIYOU ISSN:1006-1487 Tobacco Science & Technology ISSN:1002-0861
Today Arts ISSN:1673-6877 Today Guangxi ISSN:1005-922
Today Hubei(Theory Edition) ISSN:1008-5807 Today Nurse ISSN:1006-6411
Today Nurse ISSN:1006-6411 Today Science and Technology ISSN:1003-7438
Today Sichuan ISSN:1005-2097 Today, the Civil Aviation ISSN:1007-2527
Today:Bilingual Time ISSN:1002-3917 Today's Massmedia ISSN:1672-8122
Tokyo Literature ISSN:1003-5346 TONGJI YU ZIXUN ISSN:
Tool Engineering ISSN:1000-7008 Toothpaste Industry ISSN:1002-2457
Torpedo Technology ISSN:1673-1948 Torrential Rain and Disasters ISSN:1004-9045
Total Corrosion Control ISSN:1008-7818 Touring West China ISSN:1006-2629
Tourism Overview ISSN:1004-3292 Tourism Science ISSN:1006-575X
Tourism Times ISSN:1671-8720 Tourism Today ISSN:1671-7740
Tourism Tribune ISSN:1002-5006 Tourist ISSN:1007-0087
Tourists paradise ISSN:1005-7730 Township Enterprises Science Technology ISSN:1004-7905
Toy Industry ISSN:1672-8564 toys world ISSN:1007-4007
Tractor & Farm Transporter ISSN:1006-0006 Trade and Industry wizard ISSN:1002-3151
Trade Information of World Machinelectronics ISSN:1005-5894 Trade Union Financial Affairs of China ISSN:1004-6488
Trade Unions' Tribune(Journal of Shandong Institute of Trade Unions' Amministration Cadres) ISSN:1008-6153 Traditional Chinese Architecture and Gardens ISSN:1000-7237
Traditional Chinese Drug Research & Clinical Pharmacology ISSN:1003-9783 Traditional Chinese Medicinal Research ISSN:1001-6910
Traditional Chinese Medicine Journal ISSN:1671-2749 Traditional Chinese Painter ISSN:1005-6912
Traditional Mongolian Medicine ISSN:1006-3854 Traffic & Transportation ISSN:1671-3400
Traffic Engineering and Technology for National Defence ISSN:1672-3953 Training in China ISSN:1004-3713
Transactions of Beijing Institute of Technology ISSN:1001-0645 Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society ISSN:1000-6753
Transactions of China Pulp and Paper ISSN:1000-6842 Transactions of CSICE ISSN:1000-0909
Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment ISSN:1009-6264 Transactions of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ISSN:1005-1120
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China ISSN:1003-6326 Transactions of Oceanology and Limnology ISSN:1003-6482
Transactions of Shenyang Ligong University ISSN:1003-1251 Transactions of the China Welding Institution ISSN:0253-360X
Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery ISSN:1000-1298 Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering ISSN:1002-6819
Transactions of Tianjin University ISSN:1006-4982 Transducer and Microsystem Technologies ISSN:1000-9787
Transformer ISSN:1001-8425 Translated World Selsmology ISSN:1003-3238
Translations ISSN:1001-1897 Transpo World ISSN:1006-8872
Transpo World ISSN:1006-8872 Transport Business China ISSN:1673-3681
Transportation Construction & Management ISSN:1673-8098 Transportation Enterprise Management ISSN:1006-8864
Transportation Information Industry ISSN:1672-3333 Transportation Science & Technology ISSN:1671-7570
Traveler ISSN:1671-9700 Trends of Recent Researches on The History of Chin ISSN:1002-7971
TrendsHealth ISSN:1009-4164 Tribology ISSN:1004-0595
Tribune of Political Science and Law(Journal of Ch ISSN:1000-0208 Tribune of Social Sciences ISSN:1008-2026
Tribune of Social Sciences in Xinjiang ISSN:1671-4741 Tribune of Study ISSN:1003-7608
Tribune of Villages AND Townships ISSN:1002-7033 Tropical Agricultural Engineering ISSN:
Tropical Agricultural Science & Technology ISSN:1672-450X Tropical Forestry ISSN:1672-0938
Tropical Geography ISSN:1001-5221 Truth Seeking ISSN:1007-8487
Truths and Facts ISSN:1004-1605 Tsinghua Journal of Education ISSN:1001-4519
Tsinghua Science and Technology ISSN:1007-0214 Tumor ISSN:1000-7431
Tumour Journal of the World ISSN:1683-0342 Tunnel Construction ISSN:1672-741X
TUOPING YU ZHIFU ISSN:1005-3301 Turbine Technology ISSN:1001-5884
Turpan ISSN:1671-8682 TV magazine ISSN:1003-8558
TV News Weekly ISSN:1003-4005 TV Play ISSN:1003-9899
TV Research ISSN:1007-3930 TV Time ISSN:1672-3368