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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
I Home ISSN:1672-8769 Ideological and Political Education Research ISSN:1672-9749
Image Materials ISSN:1009-7783 Image Technology ISSN:1001-0270
Imaging Science and Photochemistry ISSN:1674-0475 Immunological Journal ISSN:1000-8861
Impact of Science on Society ISSN:0254-8763 Industrial & Science Tribune ISSN:1673-5641
Industrial Boiler ISSN:1004-8774 Industrial Catalysis ISSN:1008-1143
Industrial Construction ISSN:1000-8993 Industrial Control Computer ISSN:1001-182X
Industrial Economics Research ISSN:1671-9301 Industrial Economy ISSN:1001-3024
Industrial Engineering and Management ISSN:1007-5429 Industrial Engineering Journal ISSN:1007-7375
Industrial Furnace ISSN:1001-6988 Industrial Health and Occupational Diseases ISSN:1000-7164
Industrial Heating ISSN:1002-1639 Industrial Instrumentation & Automation ISSN:1000-0682
Industrial Measurement ISSN:1002-1183 Industrial Microbiology ISSN:1001-6678
Industrial Minerals and Processing ISSN:1008-7524 Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection ISSN:1001-425X
Industrial Technology & Economy ISSN:1004-910X Industrial Water & Wastewater ISSN:1009-2455
Industrial Water Treatment ISSN:1005-829X Industry and Environment ISSN:1004-0315
Industry and Mine Automation ISSN:1671-251X Inetrnational Journal of Biologicals ISSN:1673-4211
Infection Inflammation Repair ISSN:1672-8521 Infectious Disease Information ISSN:1007-8134
Information and Control ISSN:1002-0411 Information and Documentation Services ISSN:1002-0314
Information and Electronic Engineering ISSN:1672-2892 Information Command Control System and Simulation ISSN:1672-7908
Information for Deciders Magazine ISSN:1673-9256 Information for Entrepreneurs ISSN:1005-443X
Information Network ISSN:1671-5063 Information of Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:1003-6997
Information of Medical Equipment ISSN:1007-7510 Information of South-east and South Asia ISSN:1007-5380
Information on economic policies ISSN:1005-474X Information on Electric Power ISSN:1006-6705
Information on sinp-foreign Economy&Trade ISSN:1005-4448 Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1002-2406
Information Recording Materials ISSN:1009-5624 Information Research ISSN:1005-8095
Information Science ISSN:1007-7634 Information Studies:Theory & Application ISSN:1000-7490
Information Technology ISSN:1009-2552 Information Technology & Informatization ISSN:1672-9528
Information Technology & Standardization ISSN:1671-539X Information Technology Education ISSN:1672-1241
Information Times ISSN:1672-6674 Informatization Construction ISSN:1008-1941
Informetion of Surface Engineering ISSN:1672-3732 Informotion & Communications ISSN:1673-1131
Infrared ISSN:1672-8785 Infrared and Laser Engineering ISSN:1007-2276
Infrared Technology ISSN:1001-8891 Inheritance & Innovtion ISSN:1673-9086
Initiators & Pyrotechnics ISSN:1003-1480 Inland Earthquake ISSN:1001-8956
Inland Fisheries ISSN:1005-636X Inner Mongol Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1006-0979
Inner Mongolia Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:1007-0907 Inner Mongolia Art ISSN:1007-3337
Inner Mongolia Coal Economy ISSN:1008-0155 Inner Mongolia Cultural Relic and Archaeology ISSN:1001-6406
Inner Mongolia Education ISSN:1008-1216 Inner Mongolia Electric Power ISSN:1008-6218
Inner Mongolia Environmental Sciences ISSN:1007-0370 Inner Mongolia Forestry Investigation and Design ISSN:1006-6993
Inner Mongolia Forestry Science and Technology ISSN:1007-4066 Inner Mongolia Insurance ISSN:1006-5717
Inner Mongolia Medical Journal ISSN:1004-0951 Inner Mongolia Monthly Literary Magazine Grasslands ISSN:0496-3326
Inner Mongolia Prataculture ISSN:1009-1866 Inner Mongolia Radio & TV Broadcast Engineering ISSN:1008-6846
Inner Mongolia Science Technology and Economy ISSN:1007-6921 Inner Mongolia Social Sciences ISSN:1003-5281
Inner Mongolia Statistics ISSN:1672-4151 Inner Mongolia Theory Research of United Front ISSN:
Inner Mongolia Water Resources ISSN:1009-0088 Inner Mongolian Journal of Animal Sciences and Pro ISSN:1003-1642
Inner Mongulia Petrochemical Industry ISSN:1006-7981 Innovation ISSN:1673-8616
Inorganic Chemicals Industry ISSN:1006-4990 Inquiry Into Economic Issues ISSN:1006-2912
Insect Science ISSN:1005-295X Inside & Outside of Court ISSN:1005-0116
Inside and Outside Lantai ISSN:1007-4163 Inside and Outside the Classroom ISSN:1007-4880
Inside and Outside the Classroom ISSN:1007-4899 Inside and Outside the Classroom ISSN:1007-4902
Inside and Outside the Classroom ISSN:1007-4880 Inspection and Quarantine Science ISSN:1671-9034
Installation ISSN:1002-3607 Instructional Design for Primary Schools ISSN:1009-2544
Instructor ISSN:0427-7112 Instrument Standardization and Metrology ISSN:1672-5611
Instrument Technique and Sensor ISSN:1002-1841 Instrumentation Analysis Monitoring ISSN:1002-3720
Instrumentation Customer ISSN:1671-1041 Instrumentation Technology ISSN:1006-2394
Insulating Materials ISSN:1009-9239 Insulators and Surge Arresters ISSN:1003-8337
Insurance Studies ISSN:1004-3306 Integrated Agricultural Development in China ISSN:1672-0881
Intellectual Property ISSN:1003-0476 Intelligent Building ISSN:1672-1640
Intelligent Building & City Information ISSN:1671-9506 Intelligent Transportation Systems ISSN:1726-1953
Interational Journal of Genetics ISSN:1673-4386 Interational Journal of Virology ISSN:1673-4092
Interior Architecture of China ISSN:1672-2167 Interior Design ISSN:1006-2181
Interior Design Construction ISSN:1005-7374 intermational chinaese application psychology jour ISSN:1533-1261
Internal Auditing in China ISSN:1004-8278 Internal Combustion Engine Parts ISSN:1006-9887
Internal Combustion Engines ISSN:1000-6494 Internal Conbustion Engine & Power Plant ISSN:1673-6397
Internal Medicine of China ISSN:1673-7768 International Advertising ISSN:1000-4122
International Agriculture Trade ISSN:1005-1546 International Aviation ISSN:1000-4009
International Broadband Network ISSN:1609-5790 International Broadcast Information ISSN:1017-0693
International Business ISSN:1002-4034 International Business & Technology ISSN:1007-970X
International Business Research ISSN:1006-1894 International Communications ISSN:1671-8038
International Data Information ISSN:1009-5055 International Economic Cooperation ISSN:1002-1515
International Economic Review ISSN:1007-0947 International Economics and Trade Research ISSN:1002-0594
International Electric Power for China ISSN:1006-9186 International Electronic Elements ISSN:1006-6977
International Fashion & Fabric Direction ISSN:1007-8789 International Finance ISSN:1912-2002
International Financing ISSN:1009-5810 International Forum ISSN:1008-1755
International Instrumentation & Automation ISSN:1028-1150 International Journal of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation ISSN:1673-4378
International Journal of Automation and computing ISSN:1476-8186 International Journal of Biomedical Engineering ISSN:1673-4181
International Journal of Blood Transfusion and Hematology ISSN:1673-419X International Journal of Cardiovascular Disease ISSN:1673-6583
International Journal of Cerebrovascular Diseases ISSN:1673-4165 International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology ISSN:1673-4173
International Journal of Digestive Diseases ISSN:1673-534X International JOurnal of Endocrinology and Metabolism ISSN:1673-4157
International Journal of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease ISSN:1673-4149 International Journal of Immunology ISSN:1673-4394
International Journal of Internal Medicine ISSN:1004-2369 International Journal of Laboratory Medicine ISSN:1673-4130
International Journal of Medical Parasitic Diseases ISSN:1673-4122 International Journal of Medical Radiology ISSN:1674-1897
International Journal of Medicine ISSN:1007-6751 International Journal of Nursing ISSN:1673-4351
International Journal of Ophthalmology ISSN:1672-5123 International Journal of Orthopaedics ISSN:1673-7083
International Journal of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery ISSN:1673-4106 International Journal of Pediatrics ISSN:1673-4408
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ISSN:1674-0440 International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management ISSN:1007-4546
International Journal of Radiation Medicine and Nuclear Medicine ISSN:1673-4114 International Journal of Respiration ISSN:1673-436X
International Journal of Sediment Research ISSN:1001-6279 International Journal of Surgery ISSN:1673-4203
International Journal of Transplantation and Hemopurification ISSN:1672-5255 International Journal of Triditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1673-4246
International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease ISSN:1006-6942 International Journal of Urology and Nephrology ISSN:1673-4416
International Medicine & Health Guidance News ISSN:1007-1245 International Networks & Multimedia ISSN:1027-4022
International Petroleum Economics ISSN:1004-7298 International Philosophy Today ISSN:1002-8854
International Politics Quarterly ISSN:1671-4709 International Pro-Audio & Lighting ISSN:1726-8206
International Review ISSN:1005-4812 International Review of Ophthalmology ISSN:1673-5803
International Social Science Journal ISSN:1002-4913 International Studies ISSN:0452-8832
International Talent Monthly ISSN:1001-0114 International Taxation In China ISSN:1006-3056
International Understanding ISSN:1002-8285 International Wood Industry ISSN:1671-4911
internationl journal of emergency and critical car ISSN:1810-1283 Internet Information World ISSN:1008-2255
Intertrade ISSN:1002-4999 Invention & Innovation ISSN:1672-0954
Invention & Innovation ISSN:1672-0954 Invention & Innovation ISSN:1005-0052
Inverstment and Management of Financial Transactions ISSN:1009-1858 Invest Beijing ISSN:1672-7452
Invest Beijing ISSN:1006-3684 Investment & Cooperation ISSN:1004-387X
Investment Research ISSN:1003-7624 Ion Exchange and Adsorption ISSN:1001-5493
Iron & Steel ISSN:0449-749X Iron Steel Vanadium Titanium ISSN:1004-7638
Ironmaking ISSN:1001-1471 Issues in Agricultural Economy ISSN:1000-6389
Issues of Contemporary World Socialism ISSN:1001-5574 Issues on Juvenile Crimes and Delinquency ISSN:1006-1509
IT Age ISSN:1007-7820 IT Education ISSN:1672-5913
IT Report ISSN:1672-4739 IT Time Weekly ISSN:1672-5247