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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
V Marketing ISSN:1008-1429 Vacation Tour ISSN:1672-7517
Vacuum ISSN:1002-0322 Vacuum and Cryogenics ISSN:1006-7086
Vacuum Electronics ISSN:1002-8935 Vacuum Science and Technology ISSN:0253-9748
Value Engineering ISSN:1006-4311 Valve ISSN:1002-5855
Vegetables ISSN:1001-8336 Vehicle & Power Technology ISSN:1009-4687
Vehicle and Mankind ISSN:1008-5270 Vehicle Engine ISSN:1001-2222
Venture Capital ISSN:1673-5811 Vertebrata Palasiatica ISSN:1000-3118
Veterinary Orientation ISSN:1673-8586 Veterinary Pharmaceuticals & Feed Additives ISSN:1007-9157
Veterinary Science in China ISSN:1673-4696 Vicissitudes ISSN:1008-7060
Video Engineering ISSN:1002-8692 VIEW ISSN:1009-9883
View on Police ISSN:1009-2730 VIP weekly ISSN:1810-1658
Virologica Sinica ISSN:1674-0769 Vitality ISSN:1007-6263
Vocational & Technical Education Forum ISSN:1001-7518 Vocational and Technical Education ISSN:1008-3219
Vocational Education Research ISSN:1672-5727 VOCATIONGAL TECHNOLOGY ISSN:1672-0601
Vogue Fitness ISSN:1672-2361 Voice and Screen World ISSN:1006-3366
Voice of Friendship ISSN:1000-9582