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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Labeled Immunoassays and Clinical Medicine ISSN:1006-1703 Laboratory Animal and Comparative Medicine ISSN:1004-8448
Laboratory Animal Science ISSN:1006-6179 Laboratory Medicine ISSN:1673-8640
Laboratory Science ISSN:1672-4305 Labour Protection ISSN:1000-4335
Labour Union Studies ISSN:1008-7753 Labour World ISSN:1007-7243
Lamps and Lighting ISSN: Lan Dun monthly ISSN:1004-6828
Land & Resources ISSN:1000-6273 Land & Resources ISSN:1671-1904
Land & Resources Herald ISSN:1672-5603 Land and Resources in Shangdong Province ISSN:1672-6979
Land and Resources Information ISSN: Land and Resources Informatization ISSN:
Land Development and Renovation ISSN:1004-5236 Land Greening ISSN:1040-4000
Land, sea and air days inertia world ISSN:1009-5497 Landbridge Horizon ISSN:1671-9670
Landscape Architecture ISSN:1673-1530 Language and Translation ISSN:1001-0823
Language Planning ISSN:1001-8476 Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies ISSN:0257-9448
Language Teaching in middle school ISSN:1002-5154 Lantai World ISSN:1006-7744
Lanzhou Academic Journal ISSN:1005-3492 Large Electric Machine and Hydraulic Turbine ISSN:1000-3983
Large Scale Nitrogenous Fertilizer Industry ISSN:1002-5782 Laser & Infrared ISSN:1001-5078
Laser & Optoelectronics Progress ISSN:1006-4125 Laser Journal ISSN:0253-2743
Laser Technology ISSN:1001-3806 Law & Life ISSN:1002-7173
Law altar today ISSN:1007-208X Law and News ISSN:1006-5555
Law and Social Development ISSN:1006-6128 Law Review ISSN:1004-1303
Law Science ISSN:1000-4238 Law Science Magazine ISSN:1001-618X
Lawer and Legality ISSN:1001-6376 Lawyer World ISSN:1004-0064
Leaders in All Fields ISSN:1003-0557 Leadership Science ISSN:1003-2606
Learning Chinese ISSN:1003-8124 Leather and Chemicals ISSN:1674-0939
Leather Chemicals ISSN:1004-8960 Leather Science and Engineering ISSN:1004-7964
Legal &conomy ISSN:1005-0183 Legal Forum ISSN:1009-8003
Legal Realm Magazine ISSN:1004-8847 Legal System and Society ISSN:1009-0592
Legality ISSN:1003-5818 Legality and Civilization ISSN:1004-3179
Legend Story ISSN:1003-5664 Letters in Biotechnology ISSN:1009-0002
Lexicographical Studies ISSN:1000-6125 Liang Shan Wen Xue ISSN:1006-0790
LIAOHE ISSN:1003-2525 Liaoning Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1002-1728
Liaoning Building Materials ISSN:1009-0142 Liaoning Chemical Industry ISSN:1004-0935
Liaoning Communication Science and Technology ISSN:1672-3864 Liaoning Economy ISSN:1003-4617
Liaoning Education ISSN:1002-8196 Liaoning Education Research ISSN:1002-8609
Liaoning Financial College Journal ISSN:1008-2751 LiaoNing Forestry Science and Technology ISSN:1001-1714
LIAONING GUANGBO DIANSHI DAXUE XUEBAO ISSN:1007-421X Liaoning Higher Vocational Technical Institute Journal ISSN:1009-7600
Liaoning Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinar ISSN:1002-4352 Liaoning Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1000-1719
Liaoning Meteorological Quarterly ISSN:1001-9588 Liaoning Pharmacy and Clinical Remedies ISSN:1007-9858
Liaoning Sport Science and Technology ISSN:1007-6204 Liaoning Today ISSN:1009-8658
Liaoning Tussah Silk ISSN:1671-3389 Liaoning Urban and Rural Environmental Science & Technology ISSN:1007-4511
Library ISSN:1002-1558 Library and Information ISSN:1003-6938
Library and Information Service ISSN:0252-3116 Library Development ISSN:1004-325X
Library Journal ISSN:1000-4254 Library Theory and Practice ISSN:1005-8214
Library Tribune ISSN:1002-1167 Library Work and Study ISSN:1005-6610
Library Work in Colleges and Universities ISSN:1003-7845 Library World ISSN:1005-6041
LI-CAI ISSN:1673-1107 Life & Health ISSN:1009-3613
Life & Lovers ISSN:1003-5001 Life Education ISSN:1673-3002
Life Info ISSN:1008-8776 Life Science Instruments ISSN:1671-7929
Life Science Research ISSN:1007-7847 Life Week ISSN:1005-3603
Life World ISSN:1673-0437 Liferatue and Information On Preventine Medicine ISSN:1006-9879
Lifestyle Culture ISSN:1672-3155 Light & Lighting ISSN:1008-5521
Light Alloy Fabrication Technology ISSN:1007-7235 Light Industry Machinery ISSN:1005-2895
Light Metals ISSN:1002-1752 LILUN DAOBAO ISSN:1007-3655
LILUN XUEXI-SHANDONG GANBU HANSHOU DAXUE XUEBAO ISSN:1671-2854 Lingnan Culture and History ISSN:1005-0701
Lingnan Journal ISSN:1003-7462 Lingnan Journal of Emergency Medicine ISSN:1671-301X
Lingnan Modern Clinics in Surgery ISSN:1009-976X Linguistic Research ISSN:1000-2979
Linguistic Sciences ISSN:1671-9484 Linguistics and Philology ISSN:1001-3261
Linguistics Study ISSN:1000-1263 Liquor-Making ISSN:1002-8110
Liquor-Making Science & Technology ISSN:1001-9286 Lishizhen Medicine and Materia Medica Research ISSN:1008-0805
Literary Heritage ISSN:0257-5914 Literary Review ISSN:0511-4683
Literature and Art Criticism ISSN:1003-5672 Literature and Art Studies ISSN:0257-5876
Literature and Life ISSN:1007-435X Literature of Chinese Communist Party ISSN:1005-1597
Literature of Special Zones ISSN:1003-6881 Literature on Campus of China ISSN:1000-9809
Literature on Party Building ISSN:1007-6646 Literature on Party Building ISSN:1007-6646
Literature Port Magazine ISSN:1003-6830 Literatures ISSN:1673-2111
Lithologic Reservoirs ISSN:1673-8926 Little Friend ISSN:0438-0576
Little Musician ISSN:1009-6396 Little Performer ISSN:1008-4258
Little Readers ISSN:1009-8615 Liver Doctor ISSN:1673-0550
Livestock and Poultry Industry ISSN:1008-0414 Local Colour ISSN:1003-8299
Local Government Administration ISSN:1005-3182 Locomotive & Rolling Stock Technology ISSN:1007-6034
Logic ISSN:1001-2524 Logistics & Material Handling ISSN:1007-1059
Logistics Infor Monthly ISSN:1814-2117 Logistics Sci-tech ISSN:1002-3100
Logistics Technology ISSN:1005-152X Lotus(Literary Journal of Hunan) ISSN:1004-3691
Love Marriage and Family ISSN:1003-0883 Love Marriage and Family ISSN:1003-0883
Low Temperature and Specialty Gases ISSN:1007-7804 Low Temperature Architecture Technology ISSN:1001-6864
Low Voltage Apparatus ISSN:1001-5531 Lubricating Oil ISSN:1002-3119
Lubrication Engineering ISSN:0254-0150 Ludong University Journal(Natural Science Edition) ISSN:1673-8020
Ludong University Journal(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) ISSN:1673-8039 LUJING GONGCHENG ISSN:1672-9803
Luxun Research Monthly ISSN:1003-0638