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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Nanjing Local History ISSN:1004-5430 Nanjing Local History ISSN:1009-8569
Nankai Business Review ISSN:1008-3448 Nankai Economic Studies ISSN:1001-4691
Nankai Journal(Philosophy,Literature and Social Science Edition)  ISSN:1001-4667 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology ISSN:1812-1918
Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering ISSN:1672-6030 National Art Museum of China Journal ISSN:1673-1638
National Defense ISSN:1002-4484 National Defense Science & Technology ISSN:1671-4547
National Geographic ISSN:1673-6974 National Journal of Andrology ISSN:1009-3591
National Land & Resources Information ISSN:1009-9654 National Literature ISSN:0257-2850
National Medical Journal of China ISSN:0376-2491 National Music ISSN:1671-2196
National New Books Information ISSN:0578-073X National Parks of China ISSN:1003-5516
Nationalities ISSN:1003-8159 Nationalities Forum ISSN:1007-8592
Nationalities Research in Qinghai ISSN:1005-5681 Native of West ISSN:1671-9999
Natural Disaster Reduction in China ISSN:1002-4549 Natural Disaster Reduction in China ISSN:1004-3470
Natural Enemies of Insects ISSN:1001-6155 Natural Gas and Oil ISSN:1006-5539
Natural Gas Chemical Industry ISSN:1001-9219 Natural Gas Exploration and Development ISSN:1673-3177
Natural Gas Geoscience ISSN:1672-1926 Natural Gas Industry ISSN:1000-0976
Natural Gas Technology ISSN:1673-9035 Natural Product Research and Development ISSN:1001-6880
Natural Resource Economics of China ISSN:1672-6995 Natural Science Journal of Hainan University ISSN:1004-1729
Natural Science Journal of Harbin Normal University ISSN:1000-5617 Natural Science Journal of Xiangtan University ISSN:1000-5900
Naval & Merchant Ships ISSN:1000-7148 Navigation ISSN:1000-0356
Navigation of China ISSN:1000-4653 NEIJIANG KEJI ISSN:1006-1436
Neimenggu Preventive Medicine ISSN:1007-2543 Nervous Diseases and Mental Hygiene ISSN:1009-6574
Net Friends ISSN:1671-7074 Net Pub ISSN:1004-9460
Netinfo Security ISSN:1671-1122 Nettime ISSN:1009-6523
Network & Information ISSN:1008-0252 Network and Computer Security ISSN:1671-0428
Network Security Technology & Application ISSN:1009-6833 Network Telecom ISSN:1562-8728
Neural Injury and Functional Reconstruction ISSN:1001-117X Neural Regeneration Research ISSN:1673-5374
Neuroscience Bulletin ISSN:1673-7067 New Architecture ISSN:1000-3959
New Building Materials ISSN:1001-702X New Capital ISSN:1726-9695
New Carbon Materials ISSN:1007-8827 New Century ISSN:1002-395X
New Century Library ISSN:1672-514X New Chemical Materials ISSN:1006-3536
New Chinese Medicine ISSN:0253-9802 New Chinese Study ISSN:1673-0216
New Countryside ISSN:1008-2182 New Course ISSN:1673-2162
New Economy ISSN:1009-8461 New Education ISSN:1673-0739
New Energy Sources ISSN:1002-1418 New Films ISSN:1005-6777
New Finance ISSN:1006-1770 New Finance & Economics Monthly ISSN:1009-4202
New Food ISSN:1672-8599 New Fortune ISSN:1671-1319
New Horizon ISSN:1673-7857 New Horizon ISSN:1009-7066
New Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:0256-7415 New Law and Reglations Monthly ISSN:1007-1466
New Material New Decoration ISSN:1671-9344 New Musie New Uision ISSN:1672-1853
New Oriental English ISSN:1672-4186 New Quality ISSN:1672-3945
New Rural Technology ISSN:1002-3542 New Sports ISSN:0441-3679
New Technology & New Process ISSN:1003-5311 New Technology of Library and Information Service ISSN:1003-3513
New Thinking ISSN:1009-7465 New TV Magazine ISSN:1673-8152
New University Entrance Examination ISSN:1672-593X New West ISSN:1009-8607
New Writer ISSN:1003-1669 New Writing ISSN:1009-9433
New Youth ISSN:1002-3593 News and Writing ISSN:1002-2295
News Front ISSN:0257-5930 News Universe ISSN:1009-9298
News Window ISSN:1673-0763 News World ISSN:1005-5932
Newsletter About Work in Rural Areas ISSN:0546-9503 Newsletter of Sericultural Science ISSN:1006-0561
Newsletter of Sericulture and Tea ISSN:1007-1253 Newspaper Reference ISSN:1009-4407
Nihougo no Gakushu to Kenkyu ISSN:1002-4395 Ningbo Economy ISSN:1007-5259
Ningbo Newsreport ISSN:1671-220X Ningxia Education ISSN:1002-4050
Ningxia Electric Power ISSN:1672-3643 Ningxia Engingeering Technology ISSN:1671-7244
Ningxia Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Science and technology ISSN:1002-204X Ningxia Medical Journal ISSN:1001-5949
Ningxia Science and Technology ISSN:1005-4987 Nitrogenous Fertilizer Progress ISSN:1004-9932
Noise and Vibration Control ISSN:1006-1355 Nondestructive Inspection ISSN:1671-4423
Nondestructive Testing ISSN:1000-6656 Non-ferrous Metallurgical Equipment ISSN:1003-8884
Nonferrous Metals ISSN:1671-9492 Nonferrous Metals ISSN:1001-0211
Nonferrous Metals Design ISSN:1004-2660 Nonferrous Metals Engineering & Research ISSN:1004-4345
Nonferrous Metals Processing ISSN:1671-6795 Non-ferrous Metals Recycling and Utilization ISSN:1671-721X
Nonferrous Metals(Extractive Metallurgy) ISSN:1007-7545 Nonferrous Metals(Mine Section) ISSN:1671-4172
Nonferrous Mines ISSN:1002-8951 Non-ferrous Mining and Metallurgy ISSN:1007-967X
Non-Ferrous Smelting ISSN:1002-8943 NONGCHANPIN SHICHANG ZHOUKAN ISSN:1009-8070
NONGYE XINJISHU ISSN:1671-9050 Non-Metallic Mines ISSN:1000-8098
Nonwood Forest Research ISSN:1003-8981 Nonwovens ISSN:1005-2054
North China Earthquake Sciences ISSN:1003-1375 North China Electric Power ISSN:1003-9171
North China Power ISSN:1005-3107 North Rice ISSN:1673-6737
North Sericulture ISSN:1673-9922 North Tourism ISSN:1009-9018
North West Ethno-national Studies ISSN:1001-5558 North West Fine Arts ISSN:1002-1833
Northeast Asia Forum ISSN:1003-7411 Northeast Electric Power Technology ISSN:1004-7913
Northeastern Highway ISSN:1004-7689 Northeastern Mathematical Journal ISSN:1000-1778
Northern Communi Cations ISSN:1673-6052 Northern Cultural Relics ISSN:1001-0483
Northern Economy ISSN:1007-3590 Northern Economy and Trade ISSN:1005-913X
Northern Fruits ISSN:1001-5698 Northern Horticulture ISSN:1001-0009
Northern Legal Science ISSN:1673-8330 Northern Literature ISSN:0476-031X
Northern Music ISSN:1002-767X Northwest China Electric Power ISSN:1008-4835
Northwest Coal ISSN:1672-3880 Northwest Geoscience ISSN:1004-7786
Northwest Horticulture ISSN:1004-4183 Northwest Horticulture ISSN:1004-4183
Northwest Horticulture ISSN:1004-4183 Northwest Medical Education ISSN:1006-2769
Northwest Pharmaceutical Journal ISSN:1004-2407 Northwest Population Journal ISSN:1007-0672
Northwest Water Power ISSN:1006-2610 Northwest Water Resources & Water Engineering ISSN:1008-5858
Northwestern Geology ISSN:1009-6248 Northwestern Seismological Journal ISSN:1000-0844
Novel Review ISSN:1004-2164 Nuclear Electronics & Detection Technology ISSN:0258-0934
Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics ISSN:0254-6086 Nuclear Physics Review ISSN:1007-4627
Nuclear Power Engineering ISSN:0258-0926 Nuclear Safety ISSN:1672-5360
Nuclear Science and Techniques ISSN:1001-8042 Nuclear Techniques ISSN:0253-3219
Numerical Mathematics A Journal of Chinese Universities ISSN:1000-081X Numerical Mathematics A Journal of Chinese Universities English Series ISSN:1004-8979
Nursing and Rehabilitation Journal ISSN:1671-9875 Nursing Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army ISSN:1008-9993
Nutrition and Food Hygiene ISSN:1007-1628