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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
R & D Management ISSN:1004-8308 R&D Information ISSN:1003-014X
Radar & Ecm ISSN:1009-0401 Radar Science and Technology ISSN:1672-2337
Radiation Protection ISSN:1000-8187 Radiation Protection Bulletin ISSN:1004-6356
Radio & Television Information ISSN:1007-1997 Radio & TV Broadcast Engineering ISSN:1002-4522
Radio Communications Technology ISSN:1003-3114 Radio Engineering of China ISSN:1003-3106
Radio Film & TV ISSN:1002-4085 Radio&TV Teaching ISSN:1671-7392
Radiologic Practice ISSN:1000-0313 Rail Transit ISSN:1550-1868
Railway Air Survey ISSN:1003-1758 Railway Computer Application ISSN:1005-8451
Railway Construction Technology ISSN:1009-4539 Railway Economics Research ISSN:1004-9746
Railway Engineering ISSN:1003-1995 Railway Engineering Cost Management ISSN:1007-9890
Railway Freight Transport ISSN:1004-2024 Railway Investigation and Surveying ISSN:1672-7479
Railway Knowledge ISSN:1000-0372 Railway Locomotive & Car ISSN:1008-7842
Railway Locomotive & Rolling Stock Workers ISSN:1007-6042 Railway Materials Management ISSN:1007-9637
Railway Medical Journal ISSN:1001-0912 Railway Occupational Safety Health & Environmental Protection ISSN:1003-1197
Railway Operation Technology ISSN:1006-8686 Railway Purchase and Logistics ISSN:1673-7121
Railway Quality Control ISSN:1006-9178 Railway Signalling & Communication ISSN:1000-7458
Railway Signalling & Communication Engineering ISSN:1673-4440 Railway Standard Design ISSN:1004-2954
Railway Technical Innovation ISSN:1672-061X Railway Transport and Economy ISSN:1003-1421
Rain Fed Crops ISSN:1003-4803 Random Notes ISSN:1000-7903
Rare Earth Information ISSN: Rare Metal Materials and Engineering ISSN:1002-185X
Rare Metals ISSN:1001-0521 Rare Metals and Cemented Carbides ISSN:1004-0536
Rare Metals Letters ISSN:1008-5939 Read ISSN:1672-8858
Read and Write Periodical ISSN:1672-1578 Readers ISSN:1005-1805
Readers Club ISSN:1008-7176 Reading & Writing Monthly ISSN:1006-2424
Reading an Writing ISSN:1003-6415 Reading and Writing ISSN:1005-9946
Reading Appreciation ISSN:1671-766X Reading for Senior Students ISSN:1003-2207
Readings ISSN:0257-0270 Ready-mixed Concrete ISSN:0005-9846
Real Estate Biweekly ISSN:1009-4563 Real Estate Information of China ISSN:1002-8536
Real Estate World ISSN:1005-1783 Recent Advances in Ophthalmology ISSN:1003-5141
Recent Developments in World Seismology ISSN:0253-4975 Reclaiming and Rice Cultivation ISSN:1007-5003
Recycling Research ISSN:1674-0912 Red Beans ISSN:1002-6479
Red Cliff ISSN:1007-1709 Refining and Chemical Industry ISSN:1671-4962
Reform ISSN:1003-7543 Reform & Openning ISSN:1004-7069
Reform and Theory ISSN:1003-4544 Reform Monthly ISSN:1007-6409
Reform of Economic System ISSN:1006-012X Reformation & Strategy ISSN:1002-736X
Refractories ISSN:1001-1935 Refractories & Lime ISSN:1673-7792
Refrigeration ISSN:1005-9180 Refrigeration & Air-Condition ISSN:1671-6612
Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Electric Power Machinery ISSN:1006-8449 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning ISSN:1009-8402
Refrigeration Technology ISSN: Regimen ISSN:1672-9714
Regional Geology of China ISSN:1000-3967 Relations Across Taiwan Straits ISSN:1006-5679
Relay ISSN:1003-4897 Relics and Museology ISSN:1000-7954
Relics from South ISSN:1004-6275 Religions In China ISSN:1006-7558
Religious Studies ISSN:1006-1312 Remote Sensing For Land & Resources ISSN:1001-070X
Remote Sensing Information ISSN:1000-3177 Remote Sensing Technology and Application ISSN:1004-0323
RENDA JIANSHE ISSN:1009-6671 Renewable Energy ISSN:1671-5292
RENSHEN YANJIU ISSN:1671-1521 Reportage ISSN:1009-007X
Reporter's Notes ISSN:1004-3799 Reporting of Standardization ISSN:1003-9655
Reproduction and Contraception ISSN:0253-357X Republican Archives ISSN:1000-4491
Required Reading for Junior Middle School Students ISSN:1005-6130 Researcb on Economics and Management ISSN:1000-7636
Research & Application of Building Materials ISSN:1009-9441 Research & Application of Building Materials ISSN:1009-0398
Research & Information on Traditional Chinese Medi ISSN:1008-7087 Research & Progress of Solid State Electronics ISSN:1000-3819
Research and Exploration in Laboratory ISSN:1006-7167 Research and Practice on Chinese Medicines ISSN:1673-6427
Research in Ancient Chinese Language ISSN:1001-5442 Research in Educational Development ISSN:1008-3855
Research in Higher Education of Engineering ISSN:1001-4233 Research in Teaching ISSN:1005-4634
Research of Agricultural Modernization ISSN:1000-0275 Research of Aviation History ISSN:1004-8103
Research of Chinese Literature ISSN:1003-7535 Research of Environmental Sciences ISSN:1001-6929
Research of Finance of Guangxi Countryside ISSN:1003-1405 Research of Financial & Accounting ISSN:1004-6070
Research of Mathematic Teaching-Learning ISSN:1671-0452 Research of Soil and Water Conservation ISSN:1005-3409
Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1007-6468 Research on Development ISSN:1003-4161
Research on Financial and Economic Issues ISSN:1000-176X Research on Iron and Steel ISSN:1001-1447
Research on Soft Science of Surveying and Mapping ISSN:1006-9712 Research Studies on Foundry Equipment ISSN:1004-6178
Researches in Chinese Economic History ISSN:1002-8005 Researches in Library Science ISSN:1001-0424
Researches in Marxism and Lininism ISSN:1001-2699 Researches in Medical Education ISSN:1671-8569
Researches in nationalities ISSN:1009-7457 Reservoir Fisheries ISSN:1674-3075
Reservoir Fisheries ISSN:1003-1278 Resource Development & Market ISSN:1005-8141
Resource Recycling ISSN:1673-7776 Resources & Industries ISSN:1673-2464
Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin ISSN:1004-8227 Resources Economization & Environment Protection ISSN:1673-2251
Resources Economization and Comprehensive Utilization ISSN:1006-3900 Resources Environment & Engineering ISSN:1671-1211
Resources Science ISSN:1007-7588 Resources Survey & Environment ISSN:1671-4814
Resources·Industries ISSN:1006-9399 Resourles Inhabitant and Envivanment ISSN:1672-822X
Response ISSN:1006-3196 Retarders & Speed Control Technology ISSN:
Reunification Forum ISSN:1003-0484 Revenue ISSN:1006-3382
Review of China Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:1008-0864 Review of Economic Research ISSN:
Review of World Invention ISSN:1003-1049 Review on Commodity ISSN:1002-6878
Reviews and Research on Chinese Literature ISSN:1008-2484 Rhetoric Learning ISSN:1000-3584
Rice Science ISSN:1672-6308 River Literature ISSN:1005-1570
Road Machinery & Construction Mechanization ISSN:1000-033X Road Traffic & Safety ISSN:1008-2522
Road Traffic Management ISSN:1004-504X Robot ISSN:1002-0446
Robot Technique and Application ISSN:1004-6437 Rock and Mineral Analysis ISSN:0254-5357
Rock and Soil Mechanics ISSN:1000-7598 Rolling Stock ISSN:1002-7602
Rongbaozhai Studio ISSN:1009-0649 Root Exploration ISSN:1005-5258
Rubber & Plastics Resources Utilization ISSN: Rudio Visual World ISSN:1008-9039
Rule By Law and the Society ISSN:1009-3141 Rural Animal-Production Technology ISSN:1007-0869
Rural Credit Cooperative of China ISSN:1003-1804 Rural Eco-Environment ISSN:1001-5906
Rural Economy ISSN:1003-7470 Rural Economy ISSN:1004-9940
Rural Economy and Science-Technology ISSN:1007-7103 Rural Electrician ISSN:1006-8910
Rural Electrification ISSN:1003-0867 Rural Energy ISSN:1003-7993
Rural Finance & Accounting ISSN:1002-5588 Rural Finance Forum ISSN:1007-5267
Rural Finance Research ISSN:1003-1812 Rural Hydropower & Electrification in China ISSN:1673-2243
Rural Mechanization ISSN:1002-5294 Rural Power Management ISSN:1672-2450
Rural Science & Technology ISSN:1002-6193 Rural Women ISSN:1004-7522
Rural Youth ISSN:1002-9540 Russian lrarning ISSN:0470-9055
Russian Studies ISSN:1009-721X Russian, Central Asian & East European Studies ISSN:1671-8461
Russian,Central Asian & East European Market ISSN:1671-8453